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USB mouse turns off and on

By Hurriken ยท 4 replies
Nov 5, 2012
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  1. I have a problem that has me baffled...and frustrated. My mouse turns off and on by itself. The cursor stops moving, I hear the WinXP, "Bedunk" and then I'll hear it one more time and the mouse will turn back on. It is very annoying while browsing but absolutely maddening while gaming.

    I am using a Logitech USBOptical mouse model G500. I have tried two other optical mice. I have tried switching USB ports, every USB port I have! I removed the mouse drivers and tried the WinXP drivers. I tried removing the drivers and reloading Logitechs latest drivers. I updated the motherboard drivers. I updated every driver on my system! I have a Card reader/USB port that I thought might be conflicting so I disconnected it...No Go.

    What can I try next? Can I prove somehow whether this is a software issue or hardware issue?
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,296   +1,372

    Try new batteries :)
  3. Mavrickx888

    Mavrickx888 TS Enthusiast Posts: 64   +9

    This question might be unrelated, but has your computer had trouble booting (ie. stuck at POST, beeping) recently? Or have you added some hardware?

    Oh, and this may be an obvious question, but have you tried other USB mice?
  4. Hurriken

    Hurriken TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 231

    I have tried two other USB mice besides the one I use. They did the same thing. I assembled this computer myself but it has worked almost a year before this problem started. It is a corded mouse so there is no batteries.
  5. Mavrickx888

    Mavrickx888 TS Enthusiast Posts: 64   +9

    I've had a problem with USB devices not functioning properly in the past (Disconnecting/Reconnecting randomly, BSOD, etc.). Long story short, it boiled down to a motherboard issue that caused my USB devices to disconnect and reconnect randomly. From what I've heard, faults with motherboard USB ports are not uncommon, especially as the parts get older.

    A couple of things to try on the hardware side:
    • If you have access to another working PSU, maybe you could replace your current PSU and see if that's the issue. It's doubtful, as you would probably see other major problems popping up before you experienced USB issues.
    • Go into Device Manager and find the USB Controllers section. Go into the properties of each of the USB Root Hubs and turn off "Allow this computer to turn off this device to safe power" option.
    • Find or buy a PCI USB card.
    On the software side of things, if you have a spare hard drive laying around, you could always try a fresh install of Windows 7 or some other OS to see if it's a software issue.

    I never bothered to actually fix my problem outright because I'd have to replace/RMA/scrap half of the parts anyway... so I just ended up buying a new system. It may be time to do the same, as painful as that may be.

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