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Various BSOD dumps

By vodkasoda
Jul 26, 2011
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  1. Hi, I'm looking at a PC for a friend as they have been getting a BSOD for the past few days after returning from holiday (no problems before that ...).

    I am not at her house now, so can't tell you anything about the PC except that it's not new & is running Vista (I think), there are 9 minidumps & I assumed they would all be the same, but they are not, I've a screenprint here of the 9 dumps, so just as a starting point, is there anything specific that might cause these various BSODs (please see attached GIF)?!?

    I can upload the minidumps if necessary, but at the moment I don't even know if Windows or her drivers are up to date, sorry !!!

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  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    The single most important error code in that list is the 0x4E: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT because this is the single strongest error code we have that indicates corrupted memory is the issue.

    Therefore you’ll need to run Memtest on your RAM for diagnostic purposes.

    1. Go to www.memtest.org and download the latest ISO version which is 4.20. It is free and perfectly safe.

    2. Burn ISO to a CD.

    3. Place CD in your drive and reboot with CD in drive. (You might have to place your drive as first bootable in your BIOS) The test will take over.

    There is a Tutorial: How to use Memtest in our Guides and Tutorials forum; follow the instructions. There is a newer version than what is listed; use the newer. If you need to see what the Memtest screen looks like go to reply #21. The third screen is the Memtest screen.

    Step1 - Let it run for a LONG time. The rule is a minimum of 7 Passes (not hours; this test is not measured by hours); the more Passes after 7 so much the better. The only exception is if you start getting errors before 7 Passes then you can skip to Step 2.

    There are 8 individual tests per Pass. Many people will start this test before going to bed and check it the next day.

    If you have errors you have corrupted memory and it needs to be replaced.

    Step 2 – Because of errors you need to run this test per stick of RAM. Take out one and run the test. Then take that one out and put the other in and run the test. If you start getting errors before 7 Passes you know that stick is corrupted and you don’t need to run the test any further on that stick.

    * Get back to us with the results.
  3. vodkasoda

    vodkasoda TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Route44, thank you ... I am picking the PC up from her tomorrow and I can just sit it behind me and let it run diagnostic tests to it's heart's content, I'll let you know how I get on, thanks again ... :)

  4. vodkasoda

    vodkasoda TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, to cut a long story short, once I'd cleaned the inside of the box & re-sat all the cards & memory, updated Windows and numerous drivers, it ran like a charm, not a single Blue Screen ... now that better not set my phone ringing !!!

    Couldn't get MemTest to run, but it looks like I was OK without it ...

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