Various programs crashing/not loading

By Rheves
Jul 18, 2010
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  1. Sorry if the title was not descriptive enough. This is a problem coming from my mothers computer and that's what I got from her description.

    She started having trouble with OpenOffice not opening up, but rather displaying the popup that it is loading, getting stuck and then disappearing, I checked task manager and it was not left running there. She uninstalled and reinstalled and had the same problem.

    I came over and tried to run a registry cleaner program but once it hit 99% the mouse became responsive only every ~10 seconds for a short time, I figured it was due to heavy usage from the scan and gave it about an hour and found it was still at 99% acting the same way at this point. I hit stop on the scan and was able to repair what had been scanned up to that point but after a restart the problem with openoffice remained and a second scan had the same behavior happen at 99%. I had no such problem using the software on my computer.

    Tonight VLC crashed for her and she did the uninstall and reinstall thing again, but it "Wouldn't work for her" afterwards, I'll have to find out what she means by that but I don't know how to fix the problems she's been having.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Archean

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    Just to ensure that it is not an malware/virus/trojan sort of issue, please go through these steps and post your logs on Malware and Virus Removal Forum. Regards

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