Video / audio skip - i7 Core processor problem?

By CaerbannogNMS
Mar 12, 2012
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  1. Recently, within the last 7 days, i've suffered video / audio skipping of both video and audio, specifically, random split second audio cut outs which can happen in patterns seconds and sometimes minutes apart, it also affects what is shown, where it skips video in intervals split seconds in a similar way that it does with audio. i've systematically narrowed down the cause of it, but no closer to a solution:

    Video card driver - The most recent driver for that has been installed.
    Headset - I purchased a new one, I even disconnected it for few seconds to make sure it wasn't the USB ports and the video skipped anyway.
    USB Ports - see above.
    Adobe Flash Player - It was recently updated and the video / audio skip remains.

    I have had a new internet connection installed, which is approx 4x faster than my old one, so I'll test that to see if it's that, if it isn't, then that can be narrowed down, if it is, I might have to get a new wireless adapter that can handle it.

    The PC I use is 2 years old, it has the following:

    * Intel Core i7 processor
    * ATI Raedon HD 4800 series graphics card
    * 6gb ram.
    * Windows 7 (64-bit)

    If you need additional info, I can provide it.
  2. CaerbannogNMS

    CaerbannogNMS TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Additional: The internet connection was turned off to test whether that was causing the video / audio skip, it had no effect at all, so that can be narrowed down.

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