Video card problem?

By Tultras
Dec 17, 2010
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  1. Ok well Firstly, when i installed warcraft 3 and counterstrike source they both did not run

    Actually they used to run FINE before but now they dont
    Warcraft 3 gives an error saying that it cannot detect directx on my system, while

    When i run dxdiag it says i have direct x 9.0c on my system

    My computer does not have any graphics card, and i think my video card is vga.dll

    Maybe the problem is that i cannot run the games because my drivers are not updated or something

    So Please provide a Solution to My Problem, about the games not running ( they do not start.

    Counterstrike source: When i first had it, it ran fine but recently when i installed it it does not do anything when i double click its exe files ( in the folder and the shortcut )

    Warcraft gives an error that it cannot detect directx on my system whereas i have played warcraft on this computer before as well as that dxdiag says that i have directx 9.0c installed

    and my vga.dll is of 2001... can u please provide updates for it

    I have windows xp.

    Thank you, and thank you more if you can find a solution to my problem.

    You'rs Faithfull
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