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Jun 11, 2012
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  1. well its not kind of a problem my computer is currently out dated which im soon gonna get a new motherboard + cpu + gfx card but the only question I have is im currently running on a low profile graphics card do u recon when il be upgrading to pci express 2.0 that the gfx cards will fit in my case

    my case is about (16 L x 45 H)

    it always depends on the graphics card im thinking of a gtx 460 can anyone check for me pls?

    I would check myself inside the computer tho im in the middle of the exams atm and im getting the upgrade right after I finish from them ty.
  2. slh28

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    First of all make sure the motherboard will fit into your case, if you need a low profile GPU then it means you have a slimline PC and standard ATX mobos won't fit and I'm not sure micro ATX will either. I highly recommend getting a new case if you're upgrading the components because you're severely limiting your choice of GPU, PSU and CPU cooler among other things.

    The fastest low profile card I found is this Palit GTS 450, but the GTS 450 isn't very powerful.
  3. TechGamer

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    This is the form of my current Motherboard
    uATX Form Factor
    9.6inchx9.6inch ( 24.5cmx24.5cm )

    the one im getting

    uATX Form Factor
    9.6 inch x 8.0 inch ( 24.4 cm x 20.3 cm )

    well the one im getting seems abit more smaller lol which seems to me that it will fit in my pc the low profile gfx card is only in there because im still with an old agp gfxcard I belive the case is big enough how about u?
  4. TechGamer

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    any help would be thankful
  5. slh28

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    A pic of the back of your case would be useful.

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