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Oct 10, 2010
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  1. I want to compress videos using some compression software like winzip .Which is the best method to compress that will save space also not degrade the video.I also have to compress some H.D. videos what is the best method of compression saving space & getting same H.D. quality back.

    If there are other softwares which compress videos better please mention them too.
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  3. SNGX1275

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    zipping or using any file compression software is not going to cause video quality degradation. What format and codec are the videos in right now? If its something like divx/xvid/h264 you aren't going to get much if any compression. If its mpeg2 you may, but to save space on that you'd probably just be better off converting it to h.264.

    Need more info on what you are dealing with and why you want to do it before there can be a definitive answer.
  4. hitech0101

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    Most of them are movies & rest are t.v. series they are eating a lot of space that's why wanna compress them, most of them are in .avi format
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    Video compression is lossy, meaning you must lose information to lower file size.
    On the other hand, file compression using zip/rar/7zip... is not, but it probably won't yield much compression and will likely just be a waste of time. Go ahead and try though, it won't harm quality.
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    You need to burn this nonsense to DVD. I don't care how big the HDDs get, they'll never be big enough to hold a good size video collection. Keep the ones you watch most often on the drive, and print the rest.

    You'll soon enough realize, that what you think you need to have on the HDD, what you think you want to watch again, and what you actually need to have on the computer, and will watch again, are wildly different things.
  7. SNGX1275

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    Indeed. Just for S&Gs I took a 350MB xvid (tv show) and used 7zip to zip it using 'ultra' compression. Took a long time (several minutes on a C2D 6400) and didn't save any real space. Did the same thing using 7z compression and had similar results.
    Original File Size: 359,146 KB
    Compressed as .zip: 355,792 KB
    Compressed as .7z: 356,601 KB

    So, the problem is divx, xvid, h.264 are already compressed by definition, using another compression technology on them isn't going to do much.

    I do disagree with CC a little bit, a 2TB hard drive is going to hold a hell of a lot of shows and movies, especially if they aren't 720 or 1080p files. A 30 minute TV show in xvid can still look pretty good at 350MB size. If you just had those on a 2TB drive you could hold 5423 episodes or 2710 hours of TV.
  8. hellokitty[hk]

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    IMO hdd's are way easier to use, and come in large capacities.

    I approve!
  9. captaincranky

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    The trouble with this is, much of what you to watch actually is in Hi-Def. Network TV is in Hi-Def. Yes, even free porn is now in Hi-Def. Although it's never happened to me personally, I've heard tell that 30 minute porn movies now come in Hi-Def MP4, and are well over 1GB.

    The trouble with video, as opposed to music, you can only watch a movie a limited amount of times. A good song is a far different story. Besides, if you're that attached to this garbage, then burn it to back it up anyway.

    Anytime you "transcode" video, there's a quality loss. Even with DVD-Video programs such as, "Nero Recode", or "DVD Shrink", I limit compression to an absolute maximum of 80%, or I burn at full strength to multiple DVDs.
  10. hitech0101

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    Thanks guyz will burn few dvds although i have like 20 of them already won't go for compression.

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