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By illusion
Jul 21, 2013
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  1. Not sure if I am posting this to the wrong forum, but please let me know if I am

    Any video that I play, regardless of the file, will freeze up every 4-5 minutes, and the audio will continue until I move my mouse where the video will catch up to where the audio is and continue playing for another 5 minutes where it will freeze again, playing again after mouse movement. This is also applied to videos that I play from a DVD or even YouTube videos. This has been going on for the past couple of weeks and as you can imagine can get a little annoying. The problem also occurs while playing games that don't require the mouse or games where I use an xbox 260 controller, the display will freeze but the game will continue until I move the mouse. Below I have provided some of my PC Specifications if that helps.

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-37700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
    Installed Memory (RAM): 16.00GB
    System Type: 64-bit Operating System
    OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

    Also for the display I am using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 555. My computer is an Alienware X51 and I use Google Chrome for my internet browser although the same issue occurs on FireFox and IE. I have recently upgraded the NVIDIA drivers as I thought this may have been the problem but it was not.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mustafa16

    Mustafa16 TS Rookie

    Try using Ccleaner to clean yours webcache & recent history & defrag your pc.Mostly it happens when you do a lot of browsing & use youtube or any other video site.Try updating adobe flash player.For gaming I would prefer to Razor's Game booster.I too use game booster for gaming.
    As you are having win 7 follow this site :-

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