Virus : Task Manager/Regedit inactive

By wardides
Jul 27, 2010
  1. Hi there,

    I am after picking up a virus and was looking for help to get rid of it.

    It blocks out Task MAnager/Reg edit but I can open them back up RRT Autoremove.

    It is a work laptop with mcAfee on it that I cant disable (as is mentioned in the guides) and when i downloaded the malware 1.46 and try to run it tells me the file is corrupt (not sure if the virus is doing that)

    I noticed it today when i popped in my USB and got a message saying "Trying to infect F:"

    Also every now and again i get a framework pop up to tell me a process was stopped (is it trying to send outgoing mails ?)

    On my browser i also notice that the key logging must be on as every site i visit needs me o enter the password again (if i enter one do they try to send that back via an email ?)

    Any help is greatly appreciated. As I said i cant de activate the mcaffee so not sure if i can follow the normal path
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