Vista 64-bit random BSOD and freeze Memory dump help

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Bought a new PC a couple of months ago and put vista on it, have had absolutely no dramas so far.

had a LAN a couple of days ago, and after i moved the PC to my friend's house, it started to randomly freeze and BSOD with no apparent cause.

I figured it was a loose connection somewhere from being transported but i opened it up and disconnected/reconnected everything, to no avail.

Tried removing and alternating between ram sticks and slots, no change. been reading some forums that suggested a device driver problem and video memory, so reinstalled/updated my gfx drivers. still nothing

the BSOD error i get is

STOP: 0x00000019 (0x0000000000000020, 0xFFFFF8800CD5D790, 0xFFFFF8800CD5D840, 0x00000000050B0435)

though that was the most recent, ive also had IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

comp specs are:

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300
GeForce 9800GT
4gb ram
Vista Ultimate 64-bit

only things not new in the PC are the PSU, an Antec TruePower 430W 20pin and an IDE DVD drive.

like i said, been running fine for 2 months, so ???

i've attached some of the minidump files from the last few days

getting really frustrated, if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.


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64bit bit operating systems are not commonly used, and as such have poor driver support. Few people here on TS (I would assume) use a 64 bit OS. I suggest finding a better driver as from what I have read, this seems to be the root of most 64 bit OS problems.

BTW- M$ requires are 64 bit drivers to be certified.
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