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Aug 19, 2008
  1. So after a recent microsoft update - I began losing internet connectivity

    The computer actually even crashed "problems and solutions" provided that I needed to use windows update to get an updated Network Adapter Driver

    I checked event viewer and it didn't match up - it was saying there was an issue with windows installer msi package couldn't install status.msi

    Well windows update would not find an updated driver for my Nvidia Network adapter

    So my thinking was I would install the one from Nvidia's site then if microsoft wanted me to have a different one it would tell me. I installed the latest I could find on Nvidia's site and updated my chipset drivers while there.

    Sure enough soon as I restarted for the new install to take effect - windows update tells me that 1 update is available - Nvidia Network Adapter Driver - I install it as it is a newer date than the one from Nvidia

    Shortly after I get a pop up from Vista that my installation has been deactivated and I am now being forced reactivate within 3 days or it will be put into reduced functionality mode. Then when I went to activate my install of Windows it tells me that this product was already in use (of course it is - by me) Then I had to go through the over the phone activation which never understands when I tell it to continue - that was a fun waste of half an hour to update a driver
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    I was :) while reading this, its just Bad Luck when anything like this Happens and the Computer annoys you.

    I updated Windows XP Yesterday Restarted my Laptop to finish the Install and My Laptop booted up quicker than Before I looked at the Icon Tray none of My Programs had loaded up I found out one of the Updates on something either My Security Software or Windows had caused the .EXE extension to be removed from the Registry so I couldn't load programs luckily I found a Fix on the Internet.

    So you never got your Network Driver Updated?
  3. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 3,908

    Well, actually I updated them twice - windows update didn't show any updated drivers until I manually updated from Nvidia

    - I recently did a repair install so I had the generic driver from early 2007
    - I updated it from Nvidia to their driver from late 2007
    - windows update then recognized a new driver from early 2008

    So I updated the drivers twice - but what frustrated me was that windows thought I changed hardware to a point where it deactivated itself - when in fact it was just a driver update lol

    But yea everything is normal now - just a pain to go through that mess to update a driver
  4. Bobbye

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    I read somewhere that it was best to update a driver from the manufacturer's site rather than Microsoft. Sounds like you really got hassled! So you ended up with a more current driver from MS after all? Does it work better than the previous driver?
  5. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 3,908

    Yes - no more connection issues and Vista was not happy even with the driver from Nvidia - it didn't give any issues about the chipset drivers which I updated at the same time - only the network adapter driver that caused the whole mess - and it worked fine for a while even after applying SP1 - then out of the blue it started disconnecting -

    Note: the network adapter through Windows Update was an Nvidia driver

    Note 2: the connection works with the driver from may 2007 and from Feb 2008 but not with the driver from November 2007 (which is the one Vista keeps picking and installing) When I would install the 2008 driver - Vista deactivated and after reactivating it rolled back to the one that gives problems - so had to do the process again
  6. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 3,908

    Ok, this one I may need help with...


    Now Vista is automatically detecting my floppy drive and automatically installing drivers for it. Only problem is I don't have a floppy drive

    There are more drives listed in device manager than I have - that was causing one of the errors I was seeing in Event Viewer - when I uninstall the floppy drive this error dissapears - however upon restarting the computer Vista detects and installs the floppy drive again

    Edit: this throws up 3 Events -
    1 error (11706 source: MsiInstaller)
    2 warnings (1001 and 1004 source: MsiInstaller)

    Product: Status -- Error 1706. An installation package for the product Status cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'status.msi'.



    I also discovered part of the the earlier problem losing connectivity -Not sure if related or not - I started to get TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts. I used Netstat -no to find the PID for Zone Alarm as the culprit for putting my TCP on wait_hold status - I am uninstalling the Forcefield program now that they gave out the other day - not sure if it has something to do with it or not - hopefully this will at least help somebody in the future Edit:

    This is Event ID 4226 by the way

    I googled and people are suggesting a patch from a non microsoft source - I wouldn't recommend doing that, instead modify the registry, if you are sure that you are malware free, you can increase the default number of concurrent connections from 10 to 20

    Security programs can also often give this error - So here is step by step what to do if you get the 4226 error
    1) Open the command prompt as administrator
    2) Type Netstat -no
    3) Hit enter - and write down the PID's listed
    4) Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the task manager
    5) Show PID by clicking view - show PID
    6) Go to the process tab and see what process is causing the issue - if you don't recognize the program look into it - if you do then follow below - IF THE PROGRAM IS MALICIOUS THEN THERE IS GOOD REASON FOR WINDOWS STOPPING THE CONNECTIONS - DONT Continue below

    1) Launch Regedit: you can do this by holding the windows key and pressing R - then type regedit and hit enter
    2) navigate to -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Internet Settings
    3) In the right pane - right click 'MaxConnectionsperServer' -> select Modify
    4) Increase the number of concurrent connections allowed to a single server
  7. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 3,908

    I ended up having to uninstall Forcefield as it was causing the too many concurrent connections error

    I still need help understanding why Vista keeps installing a floppy drive and floppy drive controller that I dont have. Event ID's are in previous post

    : nevermind I solved this part of my issues as well

    I went into BIOS and disabled Legacy Diskette A

    no idea how it got enabled but that was the problem - if anybody else get's this you also have to launch device manager and uninstall floppy disk controller
  8. olefarte

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    Blind Dragon, this morning I had somewhat the same thing happen to me, except I didn't have to reactivate. For the first time since I installed Vista, I put the computer to sleep for about an hour while I was gone. When I came back and woke it up, I got a popup saying, "searching for drivers for........." my dvd burner. Event ID 12, said my burner disappeared without first being prepared for removal. Anyway, it installed the driver and all is well, at least for now.

    Also got the 4226 error ID (and a few others) that you did, but I sure don't see how it's connected to the dvd burner.
  9. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 3,908

    I don't think it is connected - the 4226 error is too many concurrent connections -
    If you lose your connection launch command prompt - type Netstat -no
    This will give you a PID (process ID) -look for the one that says stop_wait - then you can launch task manager, click view, show PID -> then sort the columns by PID and scroll down to see what program caused the error by matching up the PID's

    the Event ID 12 error could be a number of things - even a lose wire - my guess would be too many I/O operations caused a time out

    It can normally be fixed by uninstalling the drive through device manager and restarting the computer to let Vista install new drivers
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