Vizio 70D Video choppy with HDMI

By Sgttex
Jul 8, 2016
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  1. I have a Vizio 70D with the video from the cable box coming from the co-ax cable to the co-ax input on the TV.
    I get the channels in at 480 without a problem.

    However, when I add the HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV, the video becomes choppy or delayed about 1 second or so. There is no pixilation.

    I've tried this on HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and HDMI 3 ports on the back of the TV and the result is the same that the video becomes choppy while on the TV input.

    Also, the input stays at 480 and I have HD service from my cable provider, Suddenlink.

    I had a Vizio 70E previously in this setup without a problem but it was hit by lightning and fried the HDMI cable on the TV and the main circuit on the TV I surmise.

    Anyone have a problem like this? Or, better yet, a solution.

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