Watch as a GoPro goes for a ride in a pneumatic tube system

Shawn Knight

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GoPro cameras are often credited with capturing wicked action videos; after all, that's what they're designed to do. But these pint-sized cameras can - and have - been used to film ordinary tasks and events from a completely different perspective.

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After watching two things dawned on me: (I) watching paint dry is more exciting; and (ii) they probably could have carried the tube to its destination in less time than that trip took.


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When I was a kid I always wondered what it'd look like in one of those things, from the perspective of my G.I. Joe. now I know ;-)


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Unless it finds its way into a someone's toilet and blows an arse to pieces, I don't know why am I watching it... where's the fun...? It's like a piece of turd on its way out, some things are best left unimagined.


The title sounded a lot more interesting than the video actually was. However the sub titles were amusing: "Ministering from releasing, also finished warnings from his **** saw."


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Don't worry... next week's episode features a GoPro being flushed down a toilet!
How about somebody swallowing one then we can see how it makes it's way down the esophageal tract, to the stomach, through the intestines, out the rectum then watch it get flushed down the toilet. (y)


^ I have. But it was the traveling, stopping, traveling, stopping which reminded me of Contact.