Waymo is close to offering truly driverless rides with no safety driver

Shawn Knight

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Some of Waymo’s earliest supporters will be among the first to experience truly driverless rides and it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Eligible customers will see a “what to expect” button in the app where they can learn more about the driverless program.

It wasn't mentioned if drivers can decline a truly driverless ride and instead request one with a safety driver aboard.

Waymo boasts that driverless riders will have the car all to themselves although I suspect there will be no shortage of cameras watching your every move… you know, for safety. The company also notes that if any time during your ride, you need assistance, you can press the car’s help button or use the contact option in the Waymo app.

Waymo started life as Google’s self-driving car project more than a decade ago. The unit was renamed Waymo in December 2016 and graduated to its own division within Alphabet. Two years later, the company launched its commercial self-driving taxi service.

Would you be willing to hail a driverless taxi or do you feel the technology still needs time to mature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Uncle Al

TS Evangelist
There is a certain amount of resistance to these vehicles that the Mfg. & Operators could easily combat with running statistics that show the number of miles driven, number of accidents, and number of injuries. Certainly nobody with any common sense will expect these to be perfect, but if they extend the statistics to show their success as compared to American wide stats it will get the point across about their advantages ...


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"Would you ride in a fully autonomous taxi?"

I would not even want to drive in the same city as one.

Wouldn't it be great when we get rammed off the road because of some bug or equipment failure? One of the first examples is that one slammed into the side of a bus because there was a sandbag in the gutter. a. bus.


TS Evangelist
I wonder how popular the service will be. I also wonder how customers that got the e-mail are reacting.

For me, I would much prefer that the tech has significantly longer to mature before I ride in one.

Cycloid Torus

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I'm wondering what kind of pranks will be pulled. Consider all those 'safety cameras' and the average IQ of the public....