Weekend Open Forum: What CPU powered your first computer?


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My first PC was a Power mac 7200 powered by a 75mhz IBM PowerPC 601 processor. The only thing you could upgrade in this thing was the ram, harddrive and maybe add cpu cards. My friends had wayy better computers than me, mostly windows based. The only games we could play together was quake 1, duke nukem and Warcraft 1/2 and Starcraft. Had to set all settings to low if the options were there for sure but performance was pretty good; I don't remember it struggling much. Got a job when I was 15, saved my money and moved onto a G4 CUBE.
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We had the VIC-20.... Powered by the MOS Technology 6502 CPU running at 1.02mhz.... With 5k of RAM!

Loved Sea Wolf, Pacman and space invaders.... Got to love using cassettes to play games :)


Either IBM Power PC or Motorola. I can't remember which model Macintosh we had. I think the first had a CD ROM that you had to put into a holder and then insert it. The next one had a self sucking CD ROM drive. LOL.


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First PC - Intel 80486 DX66

Second PC - Intel Celeron (Coppermine) 800Mhz

Third PC - Intel Celeron (Tualatin) 1.2Ghz + Nvidia Geforce 440MX

Forth PC - Intel Core 2 Duo 7200 with 4GB of ram + Nvidia 450/550 GT.

Fifth PC - Intel E2130V2 with 16GB of ram + Nvidia 950GT.

Current PC - Raspberry PI model 3 + Vero 4K

No console


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First PC - Intel 80486 DX66

Second PC - Intel Celeron (Coppermine) 800Mhz

Third PC - Intel Celeron (Tualatin) 1.2Ghz + Nvidia Geforce 440MX

Forth PC - Intel Core 2 Duo 7200 with 4GB of ram + Nvidia 450/550 GT.

Fifth PC - Intel E2130V2 with 16GB of ram + Nvidia 950GT.

Current PC - Raspberry PI model 3 + Vero 4K

No console
Laptop: Celeron 266


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Here's a list of CPU's of my computers (disregarding laptops, tablets, phones, PDA's, handheld PC's, calculators, etc.):

Z80 (Sinclair ZX80; didn't work)
Z80 (ZX81)
6502 (VIC 20)
8502 + Z80A (Commodore 128)
68000 (Amiga 500)
486DX2-66 (PC's from this point)
Pentium 133
Celeron 300A
Pentium III 700
Athlon XP 2100+
Athlon X2 3800+
Phenom II X3 710
Phenom II X6 1090T
Pentium G4560


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486dx2, Pentium 3, Athlon XP, pentium 4, core duo, core 2 duo, core 2 quad, i3, FX6300, FX8350, pentium G, i7 4790k. This list includes work and laptop systems as well as home systems. Highlights are the 4790k and the P3. The FX chips were the worst pieces of silicon I ever owned. The P4 was a bit underwhelming and the core duo was a bit **** too.


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My first computer was an Epson HX20, a laptop avant la lettre featuring 2 x Hitachi 6301 processor (a Motorola 6801 clone with some extensions) at 600KHz (KHz not MHz) with 16 KB of static ram (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epson_HX-20) that I bought in 1982. A beautiful machine, but alas no software. I had to write a direct access driver for its micro-cassette drive and a text processing program for it to be of any use. It could run for 40 hours on a single charge. It was still fully functional when it was stolen from my office five years ago.


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Intel Pentium I, II, III

AMD Athlon64 3000+

Intel Core i3 2350M

Intel Celeron G1820

Intel Core i5 4460


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First family PC: Some Pentium II running Windows 98 (first edition) with not enough memory, probably 32 to 64MB (a game would run out of memory if you skipped the intro. I was very young a the time, so I don't know the exact specs).
Second family PC: Pentium 4 2.4A Prescott. Overheated and nearly fried itself a few times. 512MB of DDR-whatever, Windows XP.

My first own PC:
*** Note that I received this PC second-hand in 2009, and I was 12 at the time. Retired in 2011.
Intel Pentium 4 2.4B (Northwood version, later overclocked to 2.808GHz)
Stock cooler (later replaced with a Scythe Zipang, which led to some broken mounting clips)
512MB DDR-266 memory (later upgraded to 1.5GB)
ASUS P4B533 (kept on running even when the capacitors had started to bulge)
ASUS V8170 MAGIC (that's a GeForce4 MX440SE 64MB card)
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SB0090 (was far better than the onboard C-Media and even some newer onboard audio implementations, but installing the drivers was painful on XP)
60GB Seagate HDD (later added a 160GB Western Digital Blue. Both drives are still functional today)
Some generic old PSU (probably ~350W, could be 500W though)
LG Flatron LCD 782LE (a very early LCD - 17" 1280x1024 with inaccurate colors, 40ms response time, VGA, DVI, and a USB hub. Manufactured in 2002. Was still working when I replaced it in ~2014, although the CFL backlight started making noises)
Windows XP SP3


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The famous Intel 80386 otherwise known simply as 386 back in 86~87. Used it (officially) to type my homework and learn programming, but I also played all the Sierra games King's Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suite Larry, and Dune I & II, II being the first ever RTS game. I remember upgrading to a 486 as soon as it came out. That was the first and last time I upgraded a PC after one year of usage.

Amigas and Ataris count? I don't think those were proper PCs.


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Amigas and Ataris count? I don't think those were proper PCs.
Why do you mean by 'proper PC'? If you mean 'IBM Compatible', they weren't. Functionality-wise, they could certainly do what a PC could do, and were better in some ways.
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First PC: 386SX 33 MHz w/ 2 MB of ram and 80 MB hdd + 64 KB CGA video card (unknown model or brand) (1993, already a pretty obsolete config by then, it was a hand-me-down from my dad's boss)

Second PC: 486DX4 100 MHz w/ 16 MB of ram and 1 GB hdd + Trident 9440 1 MB (later upgraded to Trident 9680 2 MB) (1995, first PC I actually bought brand new)

Third PC: Pentium MMX 233 MHz w/ 64 MB of ram and 4 GB hdd + Matrox Mystique 220 (1997)

Fourth PC: AMD K6-2 500 MHz w/ 256 MB of ram and 10 GB hdd + Diamond Viper V330 / Nvidia Riva 128 (later upgraded to 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000) (1999)

Fifth PC: AMD Athlon XP Barton 2600+ 1.9 GHz w/ 1 GB of ram and 120 GB hdd + FX 5700 Ultra (later upgraded to 6600GT) (2004, first PC I've built myself)

Sixth PC: Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 GHz w/ 8 GB of ram and 500 GB hdd + 9800GTX+ (later upgraded to GTX 285) (2008)

Seventh PC: AMD A6 6400k 3.9 GHz w/ 8 GB of ram and 500 GB hdd + HD 8470D (integrated video) (2014, this is my HTPC, still in use)

Current PC: Core i5 4690 3.5 GHz w/ 16 GB of ram and 1 TB ssd + GTX 970 (later upgraded to GTX 1080) (2015)

None of the PCs I've ever bought or built were really top of the line when they were new; I've always went more for cost-benefit builds (though the 9800GTX+ and the GTX 285 were the most powerful single gpu solutions money could buy when I got them).

Notice how in almost every PC I've had, I did one mid-life upgrade on the graphics card later. On most machines this was the only upgrade I did, except on my second PC (the 486 DX4 100) which originally didn't have a CD-ROM drive or sound card, and later I bought a Creative Labs multimedia kit with an 8x CD-ROM drive and a Sound Blaster 16 sound card. Later still I upgraded the SB16 sound card for a SB AWE64 Gold, one of the most memorable pieces of hardware I've ever bought. It really brought new life to these MS-DOS games which had AWE32 or General MIDI support.

The AWE64 carried on to my third and fourth PCs, I was really disappointed that I couldn't take it to my fifth PC since most mobos didn't have ISA slots anymore by then. Contemplated buying an Audigy 2 ZS to replace it but ended up just settling for onboard audio since then, as things had improved greatly since the AWE64 days and it was good enough for me.

I also remember most hardware failures I've had since my first PC (I don't remember going through any hardware problems on my first 3 PCs):

Fourth PC - Had ram (2001) and hdd (2003) failures during its life and they were replaced. Remember the years it happened but don't remember the brands, though.

Fifth PC - Abit AN7 motherboard died around 1 year after I've built it, replaced for an Asus A7N8X-E that never gave me problems. Only mobo failure I've ever experienced.

Sixth PC - PSU and ram failed in a short interval less than 6 months after I've built the PC (both Corsair branded, never again), replaced for XFX PSU and Kingston ram, never gave me problems and are still going strong. It was the only time I've experienced a PSU failure.

Never had to RMA a graphics card or any kind of problems with them, with the amount of stories I see, I think I'm lucky. Maybe it's because I upgrade them more often than other parts...

The E8400 (Sixth PC) really was the biggest trooper of all, used it for 7 years, then gave it to a friend after I've built my current PC and he's still using it as his main PC today.

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