Weekend Open Forum: What do you think of Facebook's acquisition of Oculus and VR gaming in general?

Justin Kahn

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I'll admit, VR gaming has never been something I've ever been all that interested in. There's just something about the idea of having something strapped to my head or being some kind of controlled space that is inherent with this...

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I think that at least 99% of all responses will be negative. And I don't see much point in even asking, since it is not going to change anything. Money has its way.
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I think the acquistion could lead more to virtual reality as well as virtual fantasy/science fiction/etc. I think, the addition of resources as well as an ADDITIONAL focus that hasent been REPLACED could only mean good things.

That being said, this is facebook. Lord knows how many things could go wrong, or how greedy people could get.


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I think Oculus owes a $2 million refund to it's Kickstarter backers. With 2 billion in the bank, that amounts to pocket lint.

Otherwise - meh - it's an iffy product now owned by an iffy company.


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I think that I don't really know enough about the situation to make an informed comment.

So... I'll make an ill-informed comment: I think that Facebook doesn't buy a company that seems to be working toward VR gaming to give people a VR Facebook. So, Facebook has bigger ambitions than just being a hub for posting crap about your life, perhaps they are branching out. Companies can actually own things in more than one market after all.
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The internet has the potential to either expand human intellect through the sharing of ideas and inventiveness, or to lower the average of intellectual discourse through the exchange of gossips and celebutard news. Facebook is the foremost vehicle for the latter.

The Rift had the potential to become the forerunner in VR gaming, and while gaming has its share of juveniles of all ages, the types of games the original idea was targeting were played by more thoughtful people. The same people who avoid social media like FB for the reasons above.

While I have no issue with an inventor cashing in on their ideas, I am saddened by the short-sightedness of the decision - sad enough to cancel my preorder. Hopefully, someone else will step in and build a device that will fill this niche, a niche that will likely grow into other areas. The Rift will settle into FB and remain there, with little opportunity to reach those who push the envelope of software and game development.


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I don't see how this could be evaluated for 2 billion.

I really don't.

2 million, sure but 2 billion is just stupid.

Hey Government, don't give FB that tax refund since they clearly don't need the money.


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FB can even be seen on techspot, we have the like button but not a dislike button, just like FB. Yeah this looks bad, lets hope they don't try to make a FB virtual experience omg. Iv been waiting for amazing virtual reality gaming ever since I saw Lawn Mower man as a kid.

It's going to happen, when is the question. Oh yeah you all here that PS4 is coming out with a virtual reality attachment? (seriously)


I'd be worried the headset would damage my eyesight so I'll pass, FB or not.


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I think Facebook is trying to be a "one-stop" company such as Google or Walmart. They are trying to be diverse enough that you shouldn't have to go anywhere else to shop and spend all your money with just them.


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I stall cant understand what use VR is for social networking. can someone please explain?

is it some sort of VR imvu?


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Since Facebook makes 85% of it's revenue with ads it makes sense for them to diversify and acquire companies that could actually make money some day. I'm just not confident he has the wisdom to let Oculas develop independently.


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No one is 100% sure what is going to happen, but most are pretty sure that Facebook is going to mess this up somehow. I had high hopes for Oculus before I heard about this acquisition. Now its turned into another way Facebook can shove ads down your throat, but now in VR environment. Just what everyone doesn't want.... More ads.


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I honestly feel that it doesn't bode well for the future of the Rift and I will now be actively looking to buy that new monitor I'd put on hold whilst I was waiting for the Rift to arrive.
Rather than just posting garbage about your life in 2-dimensions you will soon be able to actually "live" your life or anyone elses in 3-dimensions. Imagine that, instead of just reading about Gweneth Paltrow's earth-shattering and personnally life-changing divorce (for me) I can actually experience it first-hand through her own eyes in real-time. This is good news because thanks to the Internet. Facebook, and a slew of free government handouts I have neither a job nor a brain.
I can see the advertisement now:

"Why just live reality when instead you can experience it through the eyes of your best friend using the Focculook VR headset"


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I stall cant understand what use VR is for social networking. can someone please explain?

is it some sort of VR imvu?
I kind of got a picture of it from the book "ready player one".

Like, being able to build a "chat room" and invite other people into it - literally a room. and avatars of other people.


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The Occulus Rift (stupid name, btw) was nothing but a gimmick, just like 3D televisions. Its just another desperate attempt by the industry to reignite hardware sales and make Call of Warfare 27 seem like a different game than the one we played five years ago. Sony will put out their (inevitably) overpriced peripheral which will do about as well as the Move. Only the poor saps who absolutely must have any new piece of plastic will waste money on VR junk.


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Best Case Scenario: The guys at Oculus are all extremely passionate about their product. This translates clearly when they speak on camera, and I believe to be genuine. We obviously don't know any of the terms of the agreement, but Oculus now has some big name talent working for them, and haven't really sold a single consumer product yet. Yes $2 million is a decent bit of money, but with a team of 10-20 people (if not more,) with big talent, and years in development, that doesn't go very far. Especially considering they need to build experimental prototypes at a few thousand a shot. I'd assume with Sony entering the market Rift needed more money to hire more people, and speed up production. Not to mention I'm sure a few of the die hard guys working there would like to get paid as bills pile up over a few years w/o income (or very little.) Good example is it looks like Rift just hired Valve's VR expert. Hey more money helps make a better product faster with better talent.

Worst Case Scenario: Mark Zuckerburg saw Rift at a trade show, thought it was cool, and said "I want this! Facebook of the future :)!!!" Slammed down $2 billion in case and said "I own your soul." Then will proceed to do nothing the original creative team had in mine, and use it to watch stupid drunk girls in a 3D environment.... Not to say that can't/won't happen (that's going to be the future too, unfortunately,) but I doubt someone would drop $2 billion dollars, and destroy the vision of such a devoted, and experienced team.

I personally believe it's just the cash influx Oculus needed to compete with Sony/MS, and FB was just the first to put a big enough number out there to make it worth it. Besides MS and Sony the only other companies that have that kind of money to drop in an untested market would be MAYBE Valve (doubt it as they have so much money tied up in Steam OS/Machines right now,) Apple, Google, and obviously Facebook. Few companies to choose from, they snagged one willing to go all the way with them. I've run and owned businesses before, and understand the struggles the Rift team have come across. $2 billion means everyone walks away with cash for their hard work, and can deliver a superior product to what they could before. Here's to hoping they put, in writing, that the team cannot be replaced for at least 5 years, and that Oculus is in charge of it's own marketing for a few years. Then we'll get the product we've all been waiting for. Personally I'm hoping for 4K screens by 2016. With a much bigger budget this is far more likely than before.