Weekend Open Forum: What screen resolutions do you use for your devices?


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3x 1080p 144hz BenQ 27" monitors on my home office computer.

1080p screen on my Google Pixel.


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Easy on my graphics card. While running butter smooth @ at least 60fps.

Easy on my phone's battery.


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At home: primary monitor (22") is 1600x900@60Hz, secondary monitor (technically a 17" HDTV) is 1366x768@60Hz.

At work: both monitors (Dell P2212H 21.5" models) running 1080p@60Hz.


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Late to the party as always. My desktop is plugged into a 1080 Real 120 Samsung tv. I find at 120h is actually smoother than the 2/4K units that run at 60h.
Hdr has it’s benefit but I won’t give up the refresh rate to get it.
I have a little 720p lcd I use for watching vhs tapes. With the expand settings tweaked right old vhs tapes look real good and not like the squished mess we put up with on 4:3 televisions for all those years when it was “modified to fit your screen”!