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Weird problem after changing my PSU

By Apolloe11even ยท 4 replies
Feb 17, 2015
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  1. Hi forum . I have changed my power supply because my ex power supply involved in the problem. specs was 1035 Watt (1000 Watt Real) model GP1035B Green . with that (before it crash down)
    my system was boot up correctly after I hit the Power On button on top of my chassis.
    ... since a few days ago that I've bought a new PSU with this spec : Green 1000 Watt (Real) OC edition model GP1000B GOLD (80 plus Gold) . now the problem is , every time I want to turn on my PC , first it doesn't boot up but it's powered on and all hardware are in correct position and nothing's weird . just actually do nothing .until I push 2 or 3 times Reset button or Power button from chassis and then after a while when it re-started again everything goes well and system will boot up perfectly .
    *note - new results and experience :
    I decided to have had some tests so I told by myself let's check the computer when it's powered off recently and I did uninterrupted turn it back ON again. so it worked. I tried several times to power On and power Off (shutting down from windows) and it worked! so I get that when my machine is powered off for half an hour or maybe several hours then it should be handle this problem which I mention.(and This test was a huge leap in my opinion )
    pluralization :
    1- I'm thinking maybe it refers to my new and fresh PSU , maybe it has a new system delay /interrupt or maybe optional setting that can help through this.
    2- maybe the problem is related to the cables (I'm not sure because I double checked the cables and all connections before)
    3- if problem is related to the Capacitors , so in this case Capacitors are usually swollen. but there is no sign of this condition , I also double checked Capacitors for assurance.
    4- especially this PSU is the best kind of high power supplies and it's new . no sign of ripple / noise/ or any suspicious signs of its internal hardware.
    5- so we can say , no MOBO suspicious , no PSU suspicious , no Graphics suspicious , anything but only RAM at this point we can say maybe problem is refers to the RAM modules . because I haven't test it yet and I hope it is nothing to worry .
    6- according to recent test , we can assuming there should be a common setting or case that helping us through this. because if there was a problem with any kind of hardware then why when I test it repeatedly ON\OFF uninterrupted there was no sign of a problem?
    and one more thing remember not to , there is no sign or overheating of any kind of my hardware too.I'm always aware about this.
    any help will appreciate in advance . Thanks :)
    System Specs:
    OS - Win 8.1 Enterprise x64
    CPU - i7 930
    Video - GTX480
    Mobo - Asus P6X58D Premium x58 chip
    RAM - 6GB Corsair XMP 3 (3x2GB 1600MHz)
  2. Apolloe11even

    Apolloe11even TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Any suggestion ? :) HELLOOOO?anybody's home?game time.. ;)
  3. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,208   +4,873

    Can't say for sure what the problem is, but 1000W is way overkill for that system. You could run that system on 500W's.

    Kinda makes me wonder, if the power supply needs a specific amount of load to properly turn on.
  4. Apolloe11even

    Apolloe11even TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so you are saying 1000W PSU may cause damage to the system?
    what kind of amount of load? give me a numeric value plz .
    and what if I add devices and more hardware in my specs ?
    23" Samsung display ,
    1xASUS RWDVD 52X
    1x SSD ADATA SP920 SS premiere pro 256 GB
    1x Seagate 2TB 7200rpm
    1x 1TB Seagate External USB flash drive
    2x Xbox 360 Gamepad for Windows
    1xRazer Tiamat 7.1CH Headset
    is still at large number of 1000W?
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2015
  5. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,208   +4,873

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