Western Digital intros 4TB external hard drive

By Jos
Jun 9, 2009
  1. Following the introduction of 2TB hard drives earlier this year, Western Digital has expanded its My Book line of external storage solutions with a new model that pairs two such drives together in a RAID 0 stripe for a total 4TB of space. The My Book Studio Edition II comes pre-formatted in HFS+ for Mac computers and is touted as particularly useful for large Time Machine backups, video and photo-editing work.

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  2. Single disk replacement in RAID 0?
  3. Someone would have to be insane to use a RAID-0 array drive pair for backup of any kind. Either the report is incorrect or Western Digital has lost its corporate mind.
  4. Jos

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    It comes with a RAID 0 configuration by default but the drives can also be mirrored in RAID 1.
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