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What CPU for Intel-HM55

  1. I have a MSI A6200 with a 1.8ghz cpu, I want to upgrade to the fastest cpu possible,I am not sure if this is all I need to submit in order for you guys to help me or not, but it is a Intel-HM55 Chipset.
    It is a older model spec wise (discontinued) not the one shown on the MSI website.
    I would like a i5 or i7 cpu which is what is shown on the MSI website..for the newer (still-discontinued) model. I assume this would be possible since it is the same chipset?

    I can run CPU-Z when I get home and provide more detailed specs if need be...
    Thanks for any and all suggestions!
  2. TechGamer

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  3. TheRealCyborg

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  4. TechGamer

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    No problem

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