What is your favorite PC game?


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TS Special Forces
Um... Well I guess I didn't really need it. I can max pretty muh everything I play except Metro and BF3 but maybe this will help me hold out for a pair of 680s more easily.


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I bought BF3 rather than MW3. After reading about the two I went with BF3 because of the map size and the graphics. MW3 is still on mt list but it will be a later on down the road purchase.

So far, I am delighted with BF3 in both play and appearance. Single player was a bit short- took about 6 hours, but everything with single player is sadly that way- too little content too quickly finished.

I can max it all out with my SLIed GTX 580s and it looks and runs wonderfully!

ADDITIONAL BF3 Comments: Single player -campaign- was very linear and took about 6 hrs to complete in a very unhurried manner. I think it serves more as an intro or show and tell since the jet, helicopter, and satellite parts you play as a copilot / spectator. It does have a neat story line!

Co-Op is OK where it's you and another player vs AI. But it's only got a few maps so far.

Multiplayer is great in the smaller and medium sized battles where there are like 6, 8, 10 or so players per side. Those are challenging and fun.

What I have found with the big battles with lots of players is they can be less than gratifying. There are snipers galore just outside the main spawn point waiting for you as soon as you leave the area. On foot you are lucky to last 45 seconds. You can try to run the sniper gauntlet in a vehicle. You seldom will get a vehicle with a lot of players except maybe a small truck. It doesn't really matter because no matter how fast you drive, before you even get close to the combat an anti-aircraft or minigun equipped vehicle will shred anything you are in before you can exit and try to run for cover. The spawn point is always chiked off. The game becomes die and respawn. Die again. Respawn again. Die again. The only variation is sometimes you respawn on top of another player. While it's perfectly logical tactics to cover any approach an opponent has for resupply it makes for a pretty frustrating experience in the game. When you have 20 or more players per side sparing a few to man a couple tanks and play snipers is easy. You still have a big force fighting. Kill the opponent off and prevent any re-enforcements from getting to the battle and you basically win not only because you outnumber those fighting there, each kill trying to exit a spawn area drops the count. It seems more than a bit unbalanced. The biggest battles I have tried to fight in so far have had 24 to 26 players on a side and what I describe is the result. I couldn't even imagine the 60+ per side. But, no worries really. Eventually the server kicks you off without explanation or warning.


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I've been really enjoying Team Fortress 2 lately. It took me a while not to completely suck at it, but now that I'm actually decent at it it is a lot of fun. My only problem with it is that it crashes constantly, especially on certain maps, or when changing maps, which makes it difficult to play for any long period of time.


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Waiting anxiously for new STALKER in 2012 and going back home to the Zone! Maybe even a new Half-Life. Hope they bring back Gordon and dump Alyxx but I heard it's going to be another scientist from Black Mesa. Then there's another Metro and maybe by then MW3 will be cheap by then...Oh, and Mass Effect 3 and some other goodies coming out..


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For me the most hours I have put into a game has to be Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft, those two alone I much have over 1000 hours logged easily, Probably more, I have recently got into Battlefield 3 and that is overtaking my TF2 addiction at the moment. Left 4 Dead 2 I have about 300 hours on which I didn't realise until just now. Also note worthy games I've played which I enjoyed every last second is the Half-Life series and the orginal Crysis, If your into your Stragity games the Orginal Supreme Commander and Forged Aliance pack were very good, but the ultimate one for me was Company of heros where I appear to have over 400 hours logged.


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Fallout 3 and New Vegas became my top 1 favorite games after finishing them. :D

Dead Space 1 and 2 are probably my top 2 and 3.

I bet Skyrim will replace Fallout 3 and New Vegas once I get the game :D


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Fallout 3 and New Vegas became my top 1 favorite games after finishing them. :D

Dead Space 1 and 2 are probably my top 2 and 3.

I bet Skyrim will replace Fallout 3 and New Vegas once I get the game :D

Have you played any of the DLC add ons to New Vegas? I played Dead Money, Old World Blues, just finished Lonesome Highway and am getting ready to start the Honest Hearts.

After that it's back to Fallout 3 and the DLC add ons for it....

I played Dead Space 1 and really liked it. I have Dead Space 2 but haven't started it yet.

I looked at Skyrim, but for the most part I don't care all that much for the Medieval/Swords and Sorcery/Dungeons and Dragons types of games. I'm more of a post-apocalyptic, futuristic, science fantasy based game fan. I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 3, the new Metro, and the promised new STALKER game for 2012.

In the vein of the Fallout games with a destroyed world and society trying to re-establish itself in the wreckage, I have been seriously looking at Rage. Anybody have any opinions about it?
Favorite PC Game?

I'm into combat flight sims, although I also like 1st person shooters.

Rise of Flight is by far my favorite!!! Nothing else is even close!



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Fallout 3 and fallout new vegas. I play them on Xbox. I completed fallout 3 and I am re-playing it again. I really like it. One of the few games I have played a second time.


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Tough question, but I guess my favourite game of all time is Crysis 1. The amount of fun I had with the AI back then was insane and the graphics (especially with Real Lifesis) still hold their own against Witcher 2, Crysis 2 and BF3.
Also PowerStruggle in MP was pretty cool, with expansive maps and cool vehicles.

If I were to categorise by genre, my favourite games would be:
FPS: CS:Source
Notable mention: FEAR1 & 2
RTS: C&C Generals ( + Zero Hour)
Notable mention: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
TBS: Sword of the Stars 1: Complete Edition ( 2 is in a deplorable state right now; might be good one day)
RPG: TESV: Skyrim (previous one was Oblivion :p )
The Witcher series is very good as well with more emphasis on the story than sidequests.
Also worth checking out is the STALKER series, especially with ArtistPavel's Complete mods. Great story and terrific atmosphere.

MMO: EVE Online
I haven't checked out SW: The Old Republic yet, but I've heard it's pretty good.
Not that I have anything against WoW, just not my cup of tea.

Racing: Race Driver: GRiD
Notable mention: DiRT3
Space Sim: Freelancer
For those looking for a more hardcore experience, there's X3.
Combat Sim: ArmA 2: Combined Operations
Notable mention: BF3
Action/Adventure: GTAIV ( + EFLC)
Notable mention: Assassin's Creed series
Also the Dead Space series is very good, but not for those feint of heart as it features a lot of gore and dismemberment.


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Civ IV Civ V.
Quake II
Halflife (all of them)

these are my all time favorite games.

want to try:
Dues X


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TS Special Forces
I really have to add Skyrim to my list of favorites. This game has really done something to my head.


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my favorite is fifa soccer, witch i call pro, from PES, witch i used to call winning, from w11 when it used to be my faforite,. crazy rigth

Matthew DeCarlo

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I really like stealth games but there aren't many around these days. I'd say the Splinter Cell series is probably my favorite, though I enjoyed the Hitman and Thief titles too.