What kind of storage to use?

Dear Community,

I have been searching for the perfect storage for my needs. However after a couple of weeks of unsuccessful search, I come here to ask for your help.

I am a constant traveller, where I don't have a fixed home address, I can be in different countries for a couple of months. I don't have the possibility of transporting much items with me (only stuff that can fit in my suitcase and my backpack). As I lived my entire life on the move, I tend to accumulate a lot of precious numeric data (pics, souvenirs,...) which is the only kind of format I can easily travel with.

However, I have been accumulating over 4TB of essential data, and have travelled with it in my laptop and external hard drives over the years. I have lost a few laptops and external drives, and I come to a point where I realise I need more backup and storage solutions. I am aware that HDD drives are fragile and shouldn't be used when travelling. I have taken care of them and they failed because they have had over 8000 hours of functionning life (out of 7500 hours of nominal life).

I am searching for a better storage alternative, being able to access data anywhere and anytime I need it (and I generally need it around 14 hours a day), without worrying about data being lost over a dying drive or whatsoever. Furthermore, as I have around 10TB of data of which 4 of them are essential life souvenirs (pics, vids, ...) and the other work files, I don't know how to conveniently store them and have them backed-up.

Having looked at Drives (Google Drive, Dropbox, ...) there wasn't any plans for that much data. I don't know if NAS would be a good solution as I am often away for a couple of months and don't really have a home to go back to (I rent it, at least for the time of my studies).

As I'm not really into tech, I would not know what to do. Would you mind giving me some advice?

Thank you in advance for your help and please do reach out for any complementary information.

Yours sincerely,