Whatever happened to SteamOS?


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Hi guys,
With the recent announcement of the Steam Deck which is slated to be running SteamOS 3.0 I was wondering whats been going on with SteamOS the last 6 years or so?
A quick google returns a bunch of articles circa 2014/15, which was back in the early days of the product and alongside the launch of the failed Steam Machines. Valve's official page features a 'DIY Steam Machine' or 'Sell Steam Machines' with no real information on recent updates.
A performance comparison to W10 from 2015 cited a 25-50% slower performance (average FPS) on SteamOS, possibly due to poor OpenGL optimisation on games at the time, but not much since.

Has anyone here been dabbling since?


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It died out because tons of games ran like crap on Linux, or did not run at all. Many games LEFT Steam too. Linux never gets game ready drivers like AMD/Nvidia releases for new PC games on Windows (before launch), so games had bad performance and/or visual artifacts on Linux. Many did not even run natively.

PC gaming with access to only SOME PC GAMES? Pointless. Running the Steam Client on Windows and you will have the FULL PC GAMING CATALOG including other launchers like Battle.net, EA Play, Epic Games Store, Galaxy/GOG etc.

Steam simply lost their monopoly.