Whats up with Dremmels?

By delluel
Jun 2, 2016
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  1. I like to get started early on my sons birthday so I have plenty of time. I'm wondering whats up using a dremmel to etch into computer cases? I know its possible to do artwork and stencil stuff etc.. with the thing. But what do I need to know how about how to use a dremmel, or what are some tips I may need to know? before buying one. I've never used one myself.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    On a similar project rather than buy a Dremmel, I took the present to a sports award shop and had them do the engraving. Quick service, excellent professional job. Worked for me.
  3. Spykezxp

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    Dremels are not hard to use, they just take some getting used to. You stated that you have never used one, so watch some videos (plenty of them out there) on proper usage, tips and tricks with using Dremels. I would suggest that if you are going to purchase one, do not get a cheap (low "budget" priced) one. You do not have to buy an expensive one, but one that has variable speed will help with your project. Also make sure you get one that has plenty of attachment bits (learning how to use one, you may break / ruin a bit or two if you are not careful). Practice and learn on scrap metal / wood first.... not jumping straight to the project will save you headaches / money.
  4. delluel

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    Ok. Thanks Spykezxp. Solid info.

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