Where do toasters come from?


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Here at my job as a Desktop Admin, we have an issue with the heating in the building. It's always so hot in the lab here that we have a running joke going that we are gonna put the old flying toasters wallpaper on our machines. A lot of these people are too young to remember, but it brings up a great question. Where did the flying toasters come from? And what caused Microsoft to say, "Yes. Flying toasters do make a good wallpaper." I am assuming that it was a reference to hot computers, but I am not sure.

So I wanted to ask. Does anyone know where the flying toasters came from or why they were published as a wallpaper? Kind of like learning where ctrl+alt+del came from. I'd like to know who started the flying toasters? Do any of you old schoolers happen to know?



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Guess I'm not old school enough, but I remember your attachment. First saw that screensaver on my dad's Mac SE/30.