Which is your favorite game?

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Many of games I play and also like here I will mention only 5 names of the games what I like:
1- Devil May Cry.
2- Call of Duty.
3- Resident Evil 4.
4- Assassin's Creed.
5- The Evil Within 2.
I say start simple with a 2D scrollers like Super Mario Brothers (1 or 3) or Rayman then have him jump into something like Mario 64.

While a shooting game might be fun, having that as a starting point for anyone can be rough entry to video games IMO.
That's a good question.
He should start with some harmless games, because many games are too violent.
My ten year old nephew has been playing STARCRAFT II since he was five pretty much every day and he was a bit of a ANGRY BIRDS fanatic when that came out.

Considering it has been a few years since this thread was started maybe check out BATTLETECH which has great visual and data output in a very easy to get into user interface. Nothing like giant robots in a turn based realistic setting to get the young brain synapses going :)
Call of duty world war 2, Tekken tag tournament 2, apex legends, and fortnite, the list is quite long but these are my favorite games.
Probably of all time..... Robotron 2084. The 1982 arcade game that I'm still hooked on.

I've put in 2796 hours on Mount and Blade: Warband on PC, though, including about 400 hours of Napoleonic Wars (mostly Commander Battle).
You can start with a Rubik's Cube or with alphabets arrangement of letters which will be more useful according to brain development and learning things also.
From what I understand, lots of little kids like playing Overwatch. It's extremely well-optimised and the violence is all cartoony with energy-based weapons. Another good one for kids (which is actually REALLY old) is the old Spyro the Dragon from Playstation 1.

To be honest though, a six year-old could probably be entertained for hours just by playing Pac-Man. As a matter of fact, I would probably recommend Pac-Man and Donkey Kong as good first games because they'll teach your son how to move around in an environment where our laws of physics don't apply (Pac-Man) and also how to time jumps (Donkey Kong). Knowing how to time a jump is a universal skill for video games.

Just make sure that none of the games you get him have the words "Silent" and "Hill" in the title. :laughing:
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Old as dirt says:

Myst series

Grim Fandango

Monkey Island series

Original Unreal (my VERY young kids beat me, one a sniper, one who figured out how to lob granades at 3 years- lol). I've always been a puzzler, so Myst series, Syberia, The Longest Journey, Amerzone, 7th Guest, Obsidian...many others I have in my "vault" of game boxes. Intelligence & dialog, over explosions, same as movies now.
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