Which is your favorite game?

By royleer ยท 29 replies
May 15, 2013
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  1. Ryan Stevens

    Ryan Stevens TS Rookie

    Many of games I play and also like here I will mention only 5 names of the games what I like:
    1- Devil May Cry.
    2- Call of Duty.
    3- Resident Evil 4.
    4- Assassin's Creed.
    5- The Evil Within 2.
  2. joanna1

    joanna1 TS Rookie

    Minecraft for your son
  3. Selena Anderson

    Selena Anderson TS Rookie

    Crysis games one of the best of its kind. Though I like Psyco but Prophet is also good.
  4. Drew Valadez

    Drew Valadez TS Member Posts: 21   +7

    I say start simple with a 2D scrollers like Super Mario Brothers (1 or 3) or Rayman then have him jump into something like Mario 64.

    While a shooting game might be fun, having that as a starting point for anyone can be rough entry to video games IMO.
  5. Arshad Hussain

    Arshad Hussain TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Make him play fruit ninja it is available on handheld devices. It is very easy to play without doing a hefty job.

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