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By andoyan
Oct 10, 2011
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  1. Hello Community,
    I have around five old hard drives each 80 gig that I have data on them all of this hard drives use IDE wire to attach to motherboard, I am trying to look on each hard drive and see if there is any data that is important to me to download it to my main server, in searching for a device that would allow me to achieve this I have found three options , one was (USB 2.0 to SATA IDE Cable Adapter Converter - USB-To-IDE/SATA) this one I think I can use in the future as well if I have Sata hard drive and want to read the data on it externally. The second chose was (USB Docking Station) this one I feel that limits the choses of have in hard drives as well as using new (Sata) or Old hard drives. Lastly I found (USB 2.0 HDD External Enclosure).
    I like some feedback if it is possible, as always any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
    In backing and storing the data from this hard drive is there a reliable flash drive that some one can recommend?
    Thank you again
  2. Leeky

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    I recommend against USB flash devices for any important data storage as they do occasionally fail. They're OK for transfering files between devices and the such, but never rely on them with data that has invaluable stuff or its of a irreplaceable nature.

    The best way of moving the data would be to just send it via the internal network to the server. I wouldn't bother spending money to send it when it can be done overnight or in a couple of hours even with a 100MB LAN connection. Just move the data one disk at a time to your server. Or you could just move the data onto a couple of disks and then add them to the server.

    Or is that an option you've not considered because the server lacks storage capacity?

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