Why does my msn messenger freeze all the time?

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Nov 2, 2004
  1. i recently got a DSL-connection, and the celebrations would never end. i thought. i bought a webcam for the fun of it, and logged on to msn messenger (6.2). ofcourse i wanted to try out the cam, and clicked "invite to view webcam". then the messenger froze. when i tried to close it, a message popped up and told me messenger didn't respond. after nagging about "report to microsoft", i finally got back into the usual windows. the problem now was that the computer couldn't find my internet connection, so i restarted the router. the connection was refound, and i went back to messenger. then i discovered that file transfers caused the same error to occur, and i have not yet tried voice chat, but i'm guessing it will cause the same problem.

    what is the problem here? file transfers aren't a problem with trillian, but trillian doesn't have the webcam function...help?
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    Are you running any software firewall? Try disabling that, including the Windows builtin one.

    MSN messenger tries to use uPNP for streaming media, it may be that this is causing the failure. Check the status of the uPNP services in Windows and on your router.

    Many people have solved many Messenger problems by upgrading to the 7.0 beta version.
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    You sure it doesnt freeze up also when not doing web cam? Mine always freezes up every 2 min, then defreezes for 2 min, and so on..
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    How often do you go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ and get the latest versions of messenger, usb drivers, etc? Lots of problems with these issues are fixed with the latest version of programs, or latest drivers for software.

    Try updating the drivers for your webcam from the webcam maker's site. Look there to see if there is a FAQ on the product, and if there is a question that closely resembles the issue you are having. Most problems have solutions, and those solutions can be found on the internet.
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    I've had the very exact same problem, not with a webcam, but just trying to send a message. Every time I try to send a message, or even if I get a notice that one of my contacts has signed in, I get disconnected at my router from the net. The only solution is to unplug and reboot the router. This has been going on for several weeks, but for some strange reason, more so on weekends. Sometimes I get a message that .Net is down for maintenence, sometimes nothing at all. I've tried 6.2 and the 7.0 Beta, even Windows Messenger. And I have read in several forums, including MSN forums, that other people are having this same problem. So far I haven't seen a solution.

    After trying everything I can think of, includiing shutting down my router and software firewall and virus scanner, popup blockers, everything, it sitill did it. My solution was to download and use Trillian. Works fine with it, but I don't know about a webcam, as I don't have one. During this same time, I used Yahoo Messenger with no problem. I'm now using both Yahoo and MSN on Trillian, no problem.

    Edit: I didn't see the last line of Duffman's post, I see he has already tried Trillian. But anyway, I've had the same disconnect problem.
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    e) Windows XP users only ? Disabling the QoS (Quality of Service) Packet Scheduler
    Click Network and Internet Connection, and then click Network Connections.
    Clear the QoS Packet Scheduler check box.
    Sign in to MSN Messenger and try using the audio feature again.
    Some ISPs block certain ports not allowing Audio to pass anymore. You might try with a dial-up to verify if this is the case and contact your ISP for more help.

    i found it at logitechs webpage... :haha: it was either this or opening a gate in the firewall for uPNP that did the trick, because now it's working:D thanks for all the great suggestions!
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    Yeah , When I Try To Log On At The Signing In Screen The Page Freezes , Then In The Little MSN Icon In The Corner Says I'm Signed In But The Page IS Frozen , What Do I Do?
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