Build a PC Will it affect my earlier desktop settings?

Dear friends,
I was wanting to open up my desktop CPU, with the case. I wud be disconnecting all the input wires to avoid any kind of shocks. But, I thought, if I wud be removing all its parts I.e. HDD RAMdisk, motherboard... , and if I join them back to its earlier locations (just to get an insight of my CPU in detail), wud it affect my earlier work done on my Desktop? Wud I have to re- install the OS? Will it change any of my earlier used settings in the Desktop?
Please advice...


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Doing this could cause the computer not to "see" the hard drive any longer, thus not being able to boot up properly. Is it really worth doing this?


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It might be better to just look at a picture of your processor on the internet. You'd need some thermal paste to put your processor back on properly, and at this point I doubt you have that. :)

The answer to all or your questions is no, but Tmagic650 does have a point and he's correct, but if you had access to your computer's BIOS and know what you're doing, you wouldn't have many issues.