Will my E6700 mobo support the new E6700

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Nov 25, 2010
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  1. So, im planning on a new cpu upgrade (Im not a fan of updating all for the best, I'm more likely a FSX player, and a bang for the buck guy) anyways here is the deal. I have a gaming rig and a casual pc, my casual pc is getting a bit older, and i believe its time to make a little change in the CPU. I currently have the E2180 which i bought about 3 years ago running on my PC CHIPS P29G v1.00(It's been a very nice mobo, no problem at all, and running 24/7 ). I've looked on several sites about compatibles CPUs and every website i get into (Including the PCHIPS one) agree in that the E6700 is compatible with my mobo (That is the 2.66 Conroe procesor) since there is a new cpu with smaller 45mn design and a 3.2ghz clock speed, It really came to my head that, if my Mobo is compatible with the old E6700 2.66 Conroe, should it be compatible with the new E6700 3.2 Wolfdale? If you need any more pc specs PLEASE ask me, I will surelly answer everything

    Thanks for your interest.
    P.S.: I'm new poster in this forum.
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    More than likely not. Most board that were born it the 65nm process era, will not support the newer 45nm CPU. In many cases, newer boards intended for 45nm CPUs are backwards compatible with the older chips, but I know that doesn't help you.

    The E6700 (Pent) is a very new offering. It usually won't even run in boards that accept the E6300 & E6500 "Pentium Dual Core", (the new 45nm CPUs), without a BIOS update.

    Here's the CPU support page for your board, and no's the answer; http://www.pcchips.com.tw/PCCWebSit...x?detailid=386&CategoryID=1&MenuID=69&LanID=2

    the board's CPU compatibility doesn't even extend to the E6x20 series of C2D. These were the 1333 FSB models.
  3. j00791

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    It's okie the old its only about a 0.5 ghz difference but the old E6700 offers 4mb cache compared to 2mb cache im not loosing too much, still im upgrading from an E2180 which is a lot.
  4. captaincranky

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    The cache capacity will not make a great difference in many areas. If I were you, I'd investigate overclocking the E2180. This assumes your board's BIOS will allow you to do this. And it also depends on how much you will have to pay for the new/old E6700.
  5. j00791

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    Well im paying 70bucks for it (The old 6700), since my motherboard sucks and my build is 24/7. I've never overclocked before (well once but it was about a 5% only) and I doubt my MOBO is good for overclocking since PCCHIPS is a cheap brand. What do you think?

    THANKS in advance.

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