Win 10 Problem Editing Filename after Viewing a Video


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My system is an HP Pavilion Desktop 510-p114 that's running Windows 10 20H2. I use VLC Media Player to watch videos.

So I download and play a video off-line. The video plays fine. The next thing I want to do is edit a file name. Any file. Doesn't have to be the video I just played, could be a Word file, or a PDF, or any other file type.

I close VLC and select the file. The filename is highlighted.

Next, I place the insertion point in the filename and wait. The insertion point flashes for around 5 seconds, then something happens and the file becomes unselected.

If I have edited the filename, those edits disappear. If I try to edit the filename again, then it works like it's supposed to. It's only after I play a video that I have this problem, and I've had the problem for about a year now. Prior to that, I never had the problem.

Any ideas what the problem could be?


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VLC Player is very good but you could try something else and stick with that if it removes your issue. Have a look at PotPlayer for example.