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Aug 31, 2017
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  1. Decided to go for a clean install of Win 7. It got as far as "expanding files"... and stuck at 0%. I am aware that this can take a while, although it never has done with this machine before. I tried this several times, leaving it for up to half an hour. No dice. (legal copy, btw) I decided to try Win 10: same issue, and same with 8. I have two drives, so in case the hdd was a prob, tried the other... it started installing! "Hurrah" I thought... Well I shouldn't have started celebrating, should I? Got stuck at 74%, on three separate occasions. This makes no sense to me... But then a lot of things don't.. Can any of you very kind chaps come up with a solution? Please?

    Many thanks!

  2. Cycloid Torus

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  3. josbd

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    Thanks for taking the time. Sounds good. I will give it a whirl. Cheers!
  4. josbd

    josbd TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 197

    Apologies for the delay. Today I followed the advice, and no dice. It is stuck on Expanding Windows files (0%)
  5. MaikuTech

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    You have a failing hard drive, to be sure of that grab this and scan your hard drive.

    If you tried windows 7 installation, then you tried windows 10 and both failed to installed.
    It might be on its way to die if you can reboot the machine.
    Make sure your bios can detect your hard drive and display the size.
    If nothing shows up or the bios displays the hdd contents as 0 bytes its gone for good.
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  6. josbd

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    Thanks for answering. There are two drives, one of which is a SSD. I tried installing on that one, with the exact same result. Both drives show up in BIOS, and display the size. It really is a strange scenario. I will have a look at it with Seatools.
  7. Cycloid Torus

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    Since you did succeed with the partition and full reformat of both drives (yes, you did this?), the storage subsystem should be good.

    I wonder if Windows is hung up trying to find a driver or if there is an issue with the installation media..If you are pretty certain about the installation media (I download from Microsoft and burn to DVD), try again after removing all extra USB devices except basic mouse/keyboard.

    Does it still hang at "74%" doing a clean install of Windows 10?
  8. Athlonite

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    Sounds like an issue with the media your installing from try an iso from MS and use a 8GB USB stick and Rufus to make the stick bootable and copy the Iso's file over to it plug the stick into an USB2 port this is important Windows wont see a usb stick in an USB3.0 port at boot time and will fail to boot to it after booting to the stick carry on as if setting up from CD/dvd
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