Windows 10 Dropbox issue - files deleted from hard drive

I have Windows 10 PS on my laptop and one of the cloud storage options I use is Dropbox.
I have noticed that when I copy a file from my desktop on my hard drive to a dropbox shortcut (also on my desktop), the file on my hard drive is deleted. The same thing happens if I copy an updated file to Dropbox and select the replace option. You can search for the details of my issue on the Dropbox forum by searching for "Files DO in FACT get deleted in a certain situation that may fool you" .
This seems to me to be something anyone might do, and then if they don't notice that the local file was deleted, when they do file cleanup on Dropbox at a later date (say, to free up space), they could end up missing data - and never know why.
Am I being unrealistic in considering this to be a problem that needs to either be fixed, or at least let the Dropbox community know about it?


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Are you actually copying or drag and drop, I can see how a drag and drop would do a move. Would be like moving something from Documents to your desktop by drag and drop (left click) it will come out of your Documents folder and be on Desktop, rather than in both places.