Windows 10 is slow

  1. I never had a problem with logging into Windows 10 rather quickly...up until just a few days ago...since the 10525 version came out. Now it takes about 5 minutes of me starting at a completely black screen to get logged into Windows 10 after entering my password. And Windows 10 is installed on a 250GB Samsung SSD. LOL. My Windows 7 machine blows my Windows 10 machine all to hell and back now.

    Glad I got 2 computers still.

    ** EDIT **: Come to think of it, this may actually be my fault. I was setting up permissions on my hard disk so that I could share some videos with people on my home turns out Microsoft had some crazy default settings that "literally" let people browse the administrators "My Documents" folder when they are logged in remotely. Unbelievable. So I had to restrict that ability and in doing so think I have somehow locked myself out of a folder or file that Windows 10 tries to access during login. It takes about 5 minutes before giving up on that and showing the desktop. Oh, also, I can no longer access the "crappy" new rainbow colored start menu. It sucks yes but I still want to be able to use Windows 10 like it was intended. Now I gotta figure out how to get all this back to normal.
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    Good luck. I've had this happen and believe it or not it is still broken in Safe Mode. I think I did discover one of my applications being responsible for breaking the menu. After uninstalling the application the Start Menu was working again. It really is funny at how this never happened until after they put the menu back. Meaning they didn't put it back like it was or it wouldn't be broken.
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    Thanks for the good luck. I guess it actually worked, halfway anyway. I went back and tried to set the security permissions on my /users/xxxxx folder in Windows 10 and got them close enough to where they were that I eliminated the 5 minute black screen of nothingness when logging on to the system.

    But the start menu was still broke. So, I did a "system restore" 9 days into the past. And I was back to normal sans any browsing history and favorites I bookmarked in Chrome. Plus, Windows 10 recognized the insider build update to 10525. So, I got that done too.

    Lady luck has been on my side with this one I guess. Oh, and me remembering what I had been doing recently that might have cause the issues. Amazing, you can bork your entire operating system by jacking with security permissions. Remember this peeps if you get the black empty screen of nothingness right after entering your password.
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