Windows 2000 won't start

By stacy1978
Aug 16, 2009
  1. :dead: I am try to fix my neices tower.
    She has a HP Pavilion XT846, with a 800 mhz Intel Celeron Pros. a 64 MB SDRAM and a 40 GB HD (dont know if you need to know all of that but there it is if you do)
    When I turn the power on it goes immd. to the screen that says "your computer did not start right and choose between the safe mode, etc. I have tried all 4 options, standard safe mode, safe mode with netwrk, last good config., and normal mode. it always kicks me right back to the same page.. I do not have the os disk for her sys. i do have one for my vista and that didnt work or maybe im just not doing something right. so what should i do now to get it working again.. thank you all for your help, stacy
  2. stacy1978

    stacy1978 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    os type mistake

    its has windows me
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