Windows 7 and 8 users might get a free upgrade path to Windows 11


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Quote: "However even once in the OS it felt slow and unresponsive compared to 10, I know, blasphemy, who am I to suggest the dated OS is actually slower." - WHO are you indeed? Every CPU benchmark I could ever find showed Win 7 to be more responsive than W10.
Who am I? Probably of no importance to you and thus explaining this is meaningless, I'd ask you the same question but equally can care less, I am someone who appreciates benchmarks and their ability to tell you how hardware can perform. However I am also someone with first hand experience in seeing the difference between the OS performance, something benchmarks won't tell you. As in how fast file explorer opens, applications launch, driver installations, general multitasking and work, all things that to me are faster when using Windows 10. But again, WHO am I to tell you how to use your computer, besides you have your benchmakrs, that should be enough reason for you to keep using Windows 7.


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If they have to pay that may not be such a bad thing. Even a few years ago I was exasperated by the number of posts slagging off W10. Microsoft went out of their way to give free upgrades. It progressed from those who wanted to avoid an upgrade at any cost to yelps of horror that they might no longer be eligible to install W10 for free. There's no pleasing some people.