Windows 7 Windows 7 indexing results dissapearing


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I'm running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Recently I've had trouble searching for my own documents on explorer or through the Windows key.
For some reason I can only get results if I only type the first two or three letters of the file.
For example, If I have a file named "current tasks", if I type cu the file name will appear in the search results. However, if I continue typing the word "current" the results will clear. Even if I type the file name exactly as it is I will get no results. This behavior only occurs for some files or programs while I have no problems searching for other programs or documents. If I type "pad", for example, I will get the program "note pad" showing on the search results, but if I type note, not, or no I will get no results. So far I have tried re building the index but it hasn't solved the issue.
Any help will be appreciated.


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Did you have a look at this?

Open the Search and Indexing troubleshooter :
Clicking the Start button
> click Control Panel.
Type troubleshooterIn the search box.
Click Troubleshooting> Click View all> click Search and Indexing.

Let us know if this pinpoints the problem for you.


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I would like to give you a tip: Search Indexing is very resource intensive. If you are having the problem finding the files and folders, using Windows Explorer to set up can do more for you than indexing:

Right click on Start> Explore: this puts you into Windows Explorer which is the file manager for the OS. The most helpful part about working here is that you can drag and drop files and folders.

The 'tree' on the left is your file cabinet- finding your files and folders is as good as this is set up. The better the setup, the easier to find the files and folders.

If you think you need additional help, there is a program called xplorer-free. The Lite version is free. If you want more features later, you can pay for an upgrade.

Click on the image on the download page above. Let it load, then watch as it goes through some of the 'indexing' you can do.
If you use xplorer, you should consider disabling Search Indexing.
Go through these simple steps to disable search indexing.

This feature scans through the files and folders, recording information and putting them in the Index. The contradiction about it is that while it is suppose to help you find the files easier, it is using system resources to do so- this can actually slow a system down.
Whether you use Windows Explorer or another file manager, you will be better off disabling the indexing.