Windows 7 Update Error

By AnderssenTu
Sep 29, 2014
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  1. Hi, Doug and Sumis,
    I have the same problem these day. But the problem is not come from firewall or Anti-Virus.
    The problem is come from Windows Update.
    I checked the update said from 2014/Aug/02, Windows Update tried to update new Windows Update, but failure. and in history, my systems could do another patch update , until 2014/Aug/28 , My system can not do any update anymore after Aug/28. I sent a message to microsoft "Windows 7 can not do update new Windows Update, because my windows 7 did not update Windows Update before"
    System, Windows 7, 64 bits OS
    from history, it said Windows Update try to update something like Windows Update version 6.x.0000

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