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Windows 7 will not allow me to start any programs

By chwy1
Sep 26, 2011
  1. hi i have windows 7 and recently i scanned my computer for virus' using avast. a few files were found and I tried repairing and deleting and none of the options worked.

    The next time i turned on my computer none of my programs are able to start including internet explorer,itunes, avast and every other program. I have to use IE 64 bit to be able to go online.

    Im pretty sure its the virus or something that is causing this, any help is appreciated.
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    Sometimes it takes a bit of time before a post goes up. I have deleted your other thread so all information and logs for this problem will be handled here.

    I'll help you with this problem but you need to clarify exactly what "none of my programs are able to start." Were you already having some problem before you did the Avast scan? What?

    You will also need to explain why you did this:
    If Avast found malware, didn't it quarantine it? What kind of 'repair' did you do? What were you trying to delete?

    I need to understand these things in order to guide you. IF you can get online at all, please follow the steps in the Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal thread HERE.

    NOTE: If you already have any of the scanning programs on the computer, please remove them and download the versions in these links.

    When you have finished, leave the logs for review in your next reply .
    NOTE: Logs must be pasted in the replies. Attached logs will not be reviewed.
    If you cannot get online, the programs can be downloaded to a flash drive, then run on the problem computer.
    My Guidelines: please read and follow:
    • Be patient. Malware cleaning takes time and I am also working with other members while I am helping you.
    • Read my instructions carefully. If you don't understand or have a problem, ask me.
    • If you have questions, or if a program doesn't work, stop and tell me about it. Don't try to get around it yourself.
    • Follow the order of the tasks I give you. Order is crucial in cleaning process.
    • File sharing programs should be uninstalled or disabled during the cleaning process..
    • Observe these:
      [o] Don't use any other cleaning programs or scans while I'm helping you.
      [o] Don't use a Registry cleaner or make any changes in the Registry.
      [o] Don't download and install new programs- except those I give you.
    • Please let me know if there is any change in the system.

    If I don't get a reply from you in 5 days, the thread will be closed. If your problem persist, you can send a PM to reopen it.
  3. chwy1

    chwy1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry for the double post.

    When i used avast to scan. 3 infected files were found, i used the quaratine option and 1 out of the 3 files was not able to be quaratined. So i used the delete option and avast said it was not able to delete the file. I was in a hurry so i brushed off the situation and the next time i turned on my computer i started having problems.

    On the bottem right of my computer there is a small icon of a flag with a red x over it - it says i have a pc issue - i click it and it says if i want to turn avast on( i never have had this pop up before) so i click on it to turn avast on and again, it looks like the computer is loading to turn avast on but nothing happens.

    So the first thing i do is try to open my avast program, again same issue, loading cursor but nothing happens,

    I try my other programs- internet explorer, itunes, starcraft, same thing. I cant even use uninstall programs on my computer either. The only thing that works is IE 64 bit . SO im almost certan all this has to do with that infected file i could not quarantine or delete, but again i am not sure.
  4. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    What is the system status now please?

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