Windows 8 email confusion

By MysterioMask
Nov 30, 2012
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  1. Ok someone I know just got windows 8 and a new computer. So far the biggest confusion on windows 8 is how to set up their email. they have a email and are used to useing outlook express. When I clicked on the mail app that was staring me in the face once the system booted up. It just yelled at me to put in a hotmail account, which they didnt have and it wouldnt let me choose any other option. I proceeded to go to the store to look for an outlook or mail app and I didnt seem to find any. I then read later on that windows 8 wont allow pop emails or .net emails. What would be the process of getting some kind of mail thing for windows 8 that will allow a verizon email.
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    Simple; create the hotmail account and then just don't use it :)
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