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Mar 1, 2012
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  1. My both Windows (7 and 8) display BSOD on booting and restart .Automatic repair, reset, system restore don't help. Neither does safe mode.

    Also, strangely, the Windows Boot Manager comes up from the Win7 Black one, not the Win8, as it should be and had been, until the problem came up.

    I booted from a linux livecd and grabbed the Win7 minidump files. Since linux doesn't support theese types of files, I've got to request some of you to open it up and see what's the problem. Thanks

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  3. indianseal

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    I'm pretty sure that it should not be the memory or disk because I just finished installing Ubuntu on the PC and it works flawlessly as ever. I am also able to access the files from the user/desktop folder. But still, it would be better if I could recover m Windows.

    Details of what happened is here:
    I was using Windows8 and I shut down the PC
    I started it again
    On the OS picker screen, I got the blue Win8 GUI screen and I cliced on Windows 7. The screen went black and nothing happened for a minute.
    I unplugged it and put restarted. Now, this time, It went for disk checking and I cancelled.
    But strangely, this time Windows 7 black OS picker came up.
    I chose Windows 7 and it booted.
    It worked fine
    To be sure, I restarted and again Win7 OS picker came up. I chose Win8 and it showed the sad face bsod along with message which said something like UNIDENTIFIED_BOOT_DEVICE
    It restarted and I went for Win7, and BSOD again.
    I ran the automatic repair, system restore from both the OSs but no success.
    I installed Ubuntu and it ran perfectly.

    What can I do now???
  4. Tmagic650

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    "I installed Ubuntu and it ran perfectly"...

    When people do this, it indicates that a Windows driver is corrupt or missing. Your minidumps show a mess of Windows issues, but a network driver TCPIP.sys stands out. Windows 8 is in pre-release and a pre-released OS's should never be installed on a troubled computer. I'm running Windows 8 on a separate partition on one of my 5 hard drives, and all is well. What are your complete system specs, including motherboard model?
  5. indianseal

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    Seems legit.
    I remember that I hadn't installed the Win8 Drivers. Thanks.

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