Windows Explorer keep restarting on a particular file

By psxnut
Jan 11, 2011
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  1. Hi All,

    Got a problem with windows 7 windows explorer, running win7 ultimate x64, I have a 1tb hard drive for storage of a large number of movies, one of my folders on the drive is called movies. i am running my movies via windows media centre and been having trouble playing mkv files, however I have now got WMC working with mkv files, the only trouble I had was when playing mkv files I would get all audio channels playing at the same time, I downloaded a program to remux the mkv files without the audio tracks I wouldn't need. The first one I did went perfect, however the second one seemed to work out ok, but now every time I try to access my e:\movies folder windows explorer keep resetting (restarting), all the other folders on my 1tb drive I can access with no problems, I have tried to repair any corrupt files and bad sectors on the drive with chkdsk in tools on drive setting within win7 but to no avail, I would hate to lose any of the movies I have in my movies folder and would appreciate any ideas how I can fix the error, and gain access to this folder again.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. EDO219

    EDO219 TS Rookie Posts: 212

    Scan the computer for viruses and malware in general. If you still can't find any thing, then run HijackThis and post the log here. Also, right click the movies folder and go into properties to see if your Windows user account has reading privileges for the folder.
  3. gbhall

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    Looks somewhat like a failure of the drive surface or the NTFS tables. Normally, this sort of thing responds to chkdsk /r when run in safe mode (or on system restart).

    In cases where there is no change, you could try more extensive drive testing. Download the manufacturers testing software which will perform read/write tests across the whole drive. On a 1Tb drive that could run 24 hours of more though...
  4. mike1959

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    Looking at this from a different angle, (and it won't fix this problem), is it worthwhile running a program like 'Recuva' to copy your movie files off, so at least they are safe, in case the problem becomes worse? The program does have a 32 & 64bit version in the same download. It's possible to just search for movie files, from the first menu.

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