Windows Media Player 10 x64? Does it exist?

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Sep 11, 2009
  1. Hi, like the title asks, does Windows Media Player 10 x64 exist? I really don't like Windows Media Player 11, I tried installing the 32bit edition of WMP10, but it failed saying I need the 64bit edtion.

    I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I just spent 10 minutes googling for it, I failed to find it. I've searched for an alternative media player, but I haven't found one that is organized the way I want it.

    If it doesn't exist, is there anyway I can get the 32bit version to install? If not, maybe someone can suggest an alternative media player. I'll explain what I'm looking for:

    I want a list of artists on the left that expand to show albums. I then can click on the artist to view all their tracks, or I can click on the specific album to view those tracks.

    I tried Winamp, the artist list is on the top, I'd like it on the left so it's much taller and shows many more artists at once. I tried Songbird, same thing. I also tried foobar which looked to be promising, but seems to work around playlists, I don't want to use playlists. Foobar does seem very customizable, maybe someone could explain how to set it up how I'd like?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. superty12

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    System Restore

    Use System Restore.
  3. MaXtor

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    No idea how you would expect System Restore to help in this situation.

    Oh and I was wrong about the exact error message, here it is: "This version of Windows Media Player can only be installed on Windows XP (32-bit)."
  4. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 413


    System Restore should bring you back to 10.
  5. MaXtor

    MaXtor TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 149   +39

    I appreciate that you're trying to help, but this is for Windows 7, it never had Windows Media Player 10.
  6. gbhall

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    Player 10 was released in 2004, and this link may or may not be authoritative about the versions available
    Note it refers to an October 2009 release.......??

    If you dont like version 12 either, I think you are out of luck. Have you looked at VLC media player?
  7. MaXtor

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    I have over ten thousand tracks. I want to be able to view a large list of artists, which expand to show their albums, then the column to the right lists their songs. At the top of the list of artists, you can click 'all' to view all tracks in the library. That is how Windows Media Player 10 worked. That was perfect to navigate through a large amount of music to pick what I feel like hearing.

    Windows Media Player 11 is awful if you have a large music library. It shows a thumbnail for every album, and shows all artists and their tracks at once. I have over a thousand different albums, so that's over a thousand album thumbnails that have to load with a full list of tracks underneath each one. Now think about how much you have to scroll to go through ten thousand songs and a thousand album thumbnails to find what you want to listen to. It's awful.

    I do use VLC, but for watching videos, it's not meant for organizing a library of music. Today however I did discover that Songbird works just like Firefox, and there are add-ons to customize it to your liking. I've managed to get the full list of artists, but they don't expand to show albums (I have an extra column for albums). It's alright, but I really still want Windows Media Player 10. Of course if I can find a way to get Songbird or another media player to work exactly how I want, that'd be fine.
  8. LNCPapa

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    I use foobar to manage a playlist of about 20,000 tracks of lossless audio - and it works great for me. I periodically change up how I want to display my music... sometimes just for a change of pace. The problem with foobar, as I'm sure you've already seen, is that it can have a pretty steep learning curve. Customization can be a long and drawn out process and since each of the modules/components are developed by other users you're at their mercy when it comes to updates/fixes/enhancements. Take a look at the following thread (and start from the end - those are newest) to see if any of them look like configurations that suite your needs. Most of these guys are willing to share their configs and you may be able to just drop that in place and get going.
  9. MaXtor

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    Thank you very much for your input. I did try Foobar and could tell it was highly customizable, but I couldn't quite figure it out in the 10 minutes I messed with it. I ended up a little frustrated and gave up. I'll take another shot at it, thanks for the link.
  10. MaXtor

    MaXtor TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 149   +39

  11. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,272   +457

    Glad to hear there's another foobar convert. Pretty much everyone I've convinced to give it a fair shot (not just a day using the default setup) has fallen completely in love with it. Also, thanks for posting back with some sort of closure.
  12. MaXtor

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    Would you be able to recommend me some good fb2k resources? All I know of is and

    And yes foobar is great. I just need to learn the scripting language, then I can really get into it. I'm still working on my configuration whenever I get free time. I need to find components for the following: lyrics, similar artists, and upcoming releases

    Right now this is what my configuration looks like:

    I do miss some features (addons) from Songbird though, like the three things I mentioned above, but the main one is continued play after reopening the media player (Songbird has an addon that allows you to close the program while playing a song, the song will then continue when you reopen Songbird). That feature would be really helpful while configuring foobar and adding new components.

    But as is, I'm quite happy with foobar. It's better than WMP10 which is the media player I originally wanted. I just would like some features that were in Songbird (addons).

    One thing I look forward to is creating a theme that fits in with Windows 7.
  13. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,272   +457

    Here's a link to what one of my foobar configs looks like: MyFoobar

    You'll notice I opened up the pref panel (included by default) to resume playback after restarting the app - that's the feature you say you're missing from Songbird.

    As for lyrics - there are tons of lyrics mods depending on how you want it displayed and where you want lyrics pulled from - here's a link to a few resources but there are many, many more:

    I'm not terribly sure about the similar artists thing - I've never used anything like that, but a quick google returned this which might be what you're looking for:
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