Windows Not Valid After Virus

By Andrew1986
Oct 7, 2008
  1. Hi this is my first time on this website and hopefully someone out there can assist me with my issue.

    I was downloading something through a torrent and I went to unzip the file after I downloaded it and it installed a virus on my PC. It was something like virusremoval2008. So I downloaded Norton 360 free trial and ran it, it did find a few things on my PC that it took care of. Also the virus put messages all over my PC like "Virus Alert" next to the clock as well as some of the downloads in Firefox. When I open my System info from teh control panel it says "Virus Alert" where my computer's name and company are and I cannot change it. Also when I got the virus my computer suddenly started to say I was using an invalid copy of Windows. I downloaded the windows validation tool from the Microsoft website and it still refused to validate. I downloaded a program called combofix and ran it, it fixed most of the issues except the Validation and The virus alert message on my system info in my control panel. I downloaded HJT and created a log of whatever it creates a log for lol. I need help to fix my problem. My copy of windows IS valid, it came with my computer! I don't know what to do. Please Help.

    I uploaded my log from hijack this just in case someone needed's an attachment.
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    the virus alert is not a real virus. it is a rogue or "fake" that make you think you are infected but actually are not. under no circumstances click ok or pay for anything. instead do a search on whatever the name of the software is to find removal instructions.
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