Windows Vista Home Premium - laptop locks up after 10 minutes


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Thank you for taking the time to read this thread..
I have a Toshiba Qossmio G50 laptop
64 bit O.S. Vista Home premium -
CPU Intel core duo CPU P7350 @2.00 GHz
Memory 4 .0 GB (RAM)

Norton 360

It is running like thick molasses moving downhill.
I have tried registry cleaners, speed boosters etc. all junk.

If the laptop sits idle for around 8 minutes it will locked up ... the mouse pointer moves but I can not close any windows or shut the system down.
All I can do is hit the big off button over and over again. I get like a ghost like background with a blue "O" spinning around and around endlessly.

I have checked out my power settings thinking there was something wrong there, but everything seems to be the way it should be.

I had a feeling I should have built my own machine, but i got lazy.

Do you have any idea of what the problem might be?
Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,