Windows Vista is extremely slow

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Jan 17, 2011
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  1. Okay, my dad has a dell xps 410 and it runs a intel dual core 2,4 ghz processor with 6 gb of ram. It has windows vista home premium 32 bit and it runs extremely slow. when i try to open control panel the green line in the address bar takes about a minute to go to the end of the bar. meaning it takes a minute to load. also when i turn it off or turn it on it takes about 3 to 4 minutes. do you have any idea about my problem?
  2. JMMD

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    It could be many things. Have you tried cleaning the system with CCleaner or something similar? What anti-virus do you have installed? Have you defragmented the hard drive?

    Windows tends to get slow with age but a lot of times it's just a lot of crap that people install that will slow it down. The system I'm on now is 4 years old, has decent hardware and is just as fast as when I first installed Windows. I keep the installed software to a minimum, use an AV that doesn't take much resources and keep the system cleaned up.
  3. dwizzle

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    no, i have ccleaner installed but i havent used it yet. ill try defragmenting it and ill use registry mechanic. i have mcafee total protection.
  4. JMMD

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    I would save registry mechanic as a last resort. It can do more harm then good. Uninstall any software that isn't being used, clean all temp files. Consider changing to a different AV to see if that helps anything. McAfee isn't known as being a light weight program.
  5. dwizzle

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    alright thanks, i will try it out
  6. JasonWinTeam

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    There are a variety of ways to optimize the performance of Windows Vista. In addition to defragmenting, consider deleting programs you never use, limit how many load at startup, and run Disk Cleanup. Also, consider checking for updates from the manufacturer of your specific computer model. Computer makers often issue software updates for programs they shipped with a PC.
  7. CAMusing

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  8. mike1959

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    Ok Dwizzle, your Dad's pc seems to have a good spec, more ram than most of us have, but it will gradually slow down if regular maintainence isn't done on it.
    It doesn't have to be complicated, the software is better now than ever, and mostly free. I tend to rely on CCleaner from, and also they do a very good program called 'Defraggler', well worth running. My current favourite defragmenter is;
    where you have a choice to defrag and optimise the hard drive at the same time.
    As you have CCleaner, run the top 2 options on the left. Use it exactly as it downloads, and don't be tempted to tick all of the options in the empty boxes, it could take a very long time to run. (typical cleaning time 1 or 2 minutes).
    Lastly, run CCleaner first, then the defragmenter. Repeat once a week.
  9. dwizzle

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    what about programs like advanced system care pro 3 and perfect disk for the defragger
  10. mike1959

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    I have tried most of the defragmenter programs over many years, and some are a bit quicker, some slower, but they do a similar job. You can buy one if you want to, but it will do the same as the programs I mentioned before.

    You can buy Advanced system care pro 3, and it might do a good job for you, but it does the same sort of work to your pc as the ones I said about before.

    There are a few programs for sale online and in the shops that promise to clean away alll the 'junk' and speed up your pc, and they do. But by choosing the right free programs, and use them at least once a week, will do the same job as the paid-for ones. It would be great if there was a program that fixed all problems with one mouse click, if there was we would all use it ! But so far there isn't.

    If you have never tried Auslogics defrag, give it a try, it's free and at least as good as any other.

    I have uploaded a snapshot of the option you can try, it works well for me.

    But run CCleaner, the 'Cleaner' part and the 'Registry' part, and when finished run the defragmenter, choose 'Defrag and optimise'.
    Let it run, it might take 10, 15, or 20 minutes.
    Hope that helps.

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  11. eek

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    when i turn my computer on, it takes a real long time to load...i've never timed it but its definitely noticeable. we're talking like...over 5 min.

    besides ccleaner, what else can i use to help?
  12. mike1959

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    So you use the program 'CCleaner', that does a good job if used often.
    Have you used a defragmenter on your hard drive in the last couple of weeks?
    If not, download and use,

    But otherwise, startup time is set by how many programs are trying to run after Windows has set itself up. The more programs, the longer it takes. As a guide, I look after 4 different PC's, and they all take at least 3 minutes from power on, to home page in a web browser. A new PC will take less of course.
    If you have a pc with under 1GB memory, you can speed it up generally by adding more Ram. Have a good look at the programs you have installed, and uninstall any you don't use any more.
  13. gooderguy

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    Honestly, after years of doing cleanups and scanning computers to death, I now mostly just backup personal data and just reinstall Windows from scratch making sure to re-partition and format the hard drive in the process. It's the ONLY sure way to remove all crap.

    Then install lightweight appz like Google Chrome, OpenOffice, Avast. Also I have found a handy tool to clean pre-installed junkie software in most brand name computers after reinstalling Windows from their proprietary installation discs, it's called Decrapifier, it's not perfect but saves time in removing trial-ware and junk.

    Just suggestions, good luck.
  14. idude

    idude TS Rookie

    Werid, my Vista runs fine...

    Try to disk refrag.

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