Windows will not start up, can anyone help?

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I have run into a very interesting, not to mention frustrating issue when trying to start up windows. It all started when I was transporting my pc in the back seat of my car. It may have gotten bumped around a little. Now when I try to start it up, it goes through the bios ok and will allow me to enter setup. When I continue through to start windows, it will display the windows loading screen, then when it should load windows the screen just goes blank. The monitor displays the "no input source" message and the green light turns orange (on the monitor). My pc will continue to run, and I even will continue to hear activity coming from the hard drive. Right when this issue happens I hear a humming that is a little louder than usual coming from either the hard drive or the video card (I think it is the video card).
One thing that worries me is that even though the fan on the video card is still operative, the video card is very hot to the touch. I fear that there must be some problem with my video card. Does anyone have any ideas why it might be overheating? Any other ideas? Thank you for the help.


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I think you just about answered your own question

Remove the video card (if it's an addon video card, I suspect yes)
Remove all dust from the card (high compressed air can, would do)
Re-insert the Video card
Thanks, kimsland, I appreciate your quick response. I tried what you recommended, in fact I took the entire pc apart and cleaned it thoroughly with a compressed air can, but I still ended up with the same result. About the third time I tried starting my pc I did get a message (before the windows startup) about checkdisk running on my computer. It checked my hard drive, then restarted, and gave me the same outcome as it did before. I did notice that my video card wasn't burning hot to the touch this time, though. Do you have any other ideas? I am tempted to reinstall windows, although I'm not sure it will do anything for me. I'm afraid I may have to buy a new video card...
I just had a thought for anyone who might happen to read this. I recently installed windows sp3 update and heard of people having issues booting up their computers since updating. Wonder if that might be it...


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The screen goes blank as Windows loads the video driver for it. I doubt that the upgrade to SP3 has affected things, though it is a slight possibility. About 4% of upgrades fail, I see in the sites.

(a) try starting in safe mode
If that gives you video (and it should)

(b) reinstall the video driver
if that can be done, but no solution

(c) uninstall SP3 in safe mode
if that gives no solution, your video card is probably broken. To confirm

(d) you could boot the PC with a Linux distro. Straight off you will either have a video or you wont, as Linux should install a suitable driver.

Assuming SP3 is at fault, be assured that you are not missing anything important as long as you continue to accept critical updates to SP2. MS may eventually enforce SP3, but by then, most of the egregious faults ought to be ironed out.
All better...

Well it turns out it was the video driver that was the problem. I didn't update or do anything with the video driver recently, so I blame sp3 for my problem. I guess sp3 can mess up your computer if you have an AMD processor, which I have. Thank you to gbhall for your input, you helped quite a bit.
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