Windows XP Home Reinstalled/Repaired Now No Internet

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Sep 12, 2009
  1. Hi,
    I am new here, googled my problem and found this forum, so hopefully you can help.

    Long story, sorry, but it may make it easier to help me.

    My brother-in-law bought an Emachine ET1161-07, which had Vista. He got a couple blue screen errors and either lost or never got (according to him didn't get) a Recovery/repair disc. So he tried an XP repair disc that came with another of his comps, and it didn't help. He then paid for a Vista recovery disc and tried that but the damage was apparently done and he didn't want to shell out the money for a new OS disc inorder to just reformat..Instead he purchased another Emachine and gave us this one.

    We decided to take our harddrive from the computer we were going to replace and just install it into the ET1161, assuming that at most we would need some drivers. We ended up having to repair it with our own XP recovery disc, which is what was originally on the hd we installed. We also do not have a separate OS disc-just the recovery disc that came with our computers.

    We found most of the drivers but we have three devices with no drivers:
    "simple communications controller"
    "sm bus controller"
    & "other pci bridge device"
    And no network adapter listed in the device manager. The simple comm controller we believe is the adapter but aren't positive.

    We contacted Emachines and were only told that they do not have drivers for the adapter (I believe because it is onboard?) nor do they recommend upgrading/downgrading OS in their computers (helpful).

    We ran the wizard several times and it wasn't helpful.
    We did the and it sent & received 4 packets successfully.

    I am not sure where to go from here.

    Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  2. strategic

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    You can download your "simple communications controller" here.
    The "sm bus controller will depend on your motherboard, and "other pci bridge device", I would need more info about.
    Have you tried Emachines Support site?
  3. captaincranky

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    Emachines typically requires the owner of the machine to "create" (burn) the recovery disc(s) from files already on the HDD. They also stress that this is the first thing you should do with your new computer. So, you can appreciate the irony here.

    You probably don't have internet because you don't have the LAN driver. And the LAN driver, as with every other necessary additional driver is on the recovery discs.
  4. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    By the way...

    I failed to mention in my last post, those BSOD's may have been caused by a faulty network card.:suspiciou
  5. techunsavvy

    techunsavvy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi, there isn't a link for the simple comm controller, and we chatted w/the emachines support but I didn't look at the actual support site yet. Would you please repost the link for me?


    Emachines was nice enough to send my brother in law the recovery discs for the computer, he had to pay $50 for it though.

    Do you guys think since the computer was originally set up for Vista, if we used HDClone or similar product to make a copy of the OS from my brother-in-law's new computer (Vista) that we could load it onto the hd and it would be able to find the drivers then?

    Thanks again
  6. techunsavvy

    techunsavvy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    After much internet searching/cross-checking, we finally figured out that the motherboard is an nvidia, and downloaded the chipset drivers...Still didn't work, but it did get rid of two of the unknown devices in the device mgr. Then after further research, we figured out that we have a RealTek RTL8201N integrated network adaptor which does not support XP period.

    So we are going to buy a PCI network card, and this will hopefully fix the internet problem and since Strategic warned that the network adapter could have caused the blue screen error we should hopefully avoid that as well.

    Thanks for your time.
  7. MaXtor

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  8. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    Sorry, let's try that again, try this for your 'simple communications controller'
    If you still can't connect to the internet, I would try putting in a cheap NIC card to see if thats the problem.
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