Windows XP monitor shutdown

By Tarheel
Aug 30, 2012
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  1. I hope I put this in the correct thread. Anyway I installed ccleaner, ccleaner enhancer, temp file cleaner and ultra defreag to an HP A1220n desktop running Windows XP.. After I ran all the applications the PC ran fine until I did a shut down. Now when I try to cut it on. All I can get is the screen that gives the options "start windows normally", "use last good configuration", boot in safe mode, etc... No matter which I choose it looks like windows is trying to boot but before it can it says, monitor shutting down or going to sleep, then recycles back to the safe mode, start normally, last known configuration etc, page.... I can't use system restore because it won't go to it..I did get a blue screen to come up once somehow..It said Windows has shut down to prebvent problems... Unmountable_Boot_Volume, then Stop:0x000000ED (ox82f2bd20, 0xc0000006, 0x 00000000, 0x00000000..The fan temp is at 48c....This is all the info I can give now.. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. bazz2004

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    Assuming everything ran OK before you ran CCleaner and Ultra defrag it would appear that the programs have corrupted Windows. In your position I'd hope that everything was backed up and be looking for my installation disk to Repair or failing that to reinstall XP. Reviews of CCleaner are generally very positive but Ultra defrag has less than glowing reports from users. The consensus on the forum is that such programs are best avoided though I've had no problems with CCleaner.
  3. Tarheel

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    Thanks bazz...I figure something maybe with the ccleaner enhancer wasn't compatible with Windows XP...I found out today that if you right click on enhancer, you can choose which versions of windows to run it with..Most of the so called experts say it's a power supply problem but I'm not sure..It is actually my dads pc and he had never shut it down in about 3 years.. Unfortunately no Windows disc is available and I think he will just buy another pc almost as cheap as buying a windows 7 disc.. I'll make sure to go over and create him a backup disc when he does.. I am wondering what type of issues you have heard about ultra defrag.. I have been using it for a while for defrag and full optimization and it seems great..
  4. bazz2004

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    "This program is a big improvement for XP users, since XP's defrag program is poor quality. Does a much deeper and more thorough defrag than XP. The "Optimize" function provides a noticeable improvement in performance. However, the "Optimize" function is VERY slow - on some of my machines it took 36 HOURS to run! If it's interrupted at any time during these 36 hours it can cause disk errors that are hard to repair. This program is not needed for Windows 7, which has a good built-in defragger. Overall, it's a good program, but be careful with it." From a CNet reviewer.

    Ubuntu Linux is free and provides a useful alternative to Windows. Since it's been running three years without a break the power supply would be the likely suspect if it's a hardware problem.

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