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Nov 6, 2008
  1. Thank you for you help in advance!

    In stalled the window xp pro 64 bit, activated, worked fine. Then I have taken the batteries on my motherboard out to reset the detection of the HDD, and window load fine. Then next time I turned on my computer windows ask me to activate again before I can log on to the desk top. I click to activate, window accept the activation, and try to load the desk top. BUT it cycle back to the user icon, displaying adminstrator, click to log in, request again for activation, click to activate, and the cycle continues w/o end. I went to restart in safe mode, able to log in the desk top, activate there and was accepted, restarted in normal mode. The same cycle of requesting to activate happens again.

    I went to Microsofy website and found this site:

    However, this site fixes the IE problem for downloading. My problem is not be able to log into desktop and premanent disabling the activation.

    I believe there's a simple fix :0
    Please help!

    Thank you again.
  2. insoman

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    why did you need to reset the cmos? What was the problem with detecting the HDD? Was windows detecting the HDD? Was the BIOS not recognizing the HDD?
  3. RiceMuster

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    I needed to reset the cmos because hdd was not detected. I don't think the incident cause the window activation error to occur. The hdd incident was mention to show the steps that prelude to the main problem. The main problem is that the window activation keep cycling back for activation and it does not load the desktop.

    Thank you.
  4. insoman

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    Was windows installed on this HDD that was not detected?

    (Usually if your system is fine and you do something and then it is not fine then that is the cause of the problem. or you have a pirated version of windows..have you checked?)

    But more to the point a step by step explanation of exactly what you did helps others to get to the bottom of the problem by way of thinking through the logics.
  5. RiceMuster

    RiceMuster TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Steps outline

    As mention above:
    1 The system installed completely and successfully.
    2 The HDD was not detected, hence, reset cmos by pulling and putting back the battery.
    3 After that window loaded the desktop successfully.
    4 Shut down the computer
    5 next day turn on the computer and the activation endless cycle problem occurred.
    6 seeking solution

    Thank you!
  6. insoman

    insoman TS Booster Posts: 102

    Hi, So you installed on the drive that was not detected? You say it displays the Administrator account. Did you activate this account after you installed for the first time? Is this the system administrator account? or one you are referring to that you have created as an administrator?
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